Delhi Government Launches ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign

Delhi Government Launches ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign

In wade to combat pollution in the city, Arvind Kejriwal has launched the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign. The main motive behind introducing the campaign is to promote the use of electric vehicles in the city. They have also rolled out certain incentives for all those buyers who purchase electric vehicles.

Talking about the ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign, people will be made aware of the benefits of electric vehicles and how they can further contribute to making Delhi clean and pollution-free. Under the electric vehicle policy, the state government will make the road tax and registration charges for all the electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers completely free. Also, the government has planned extensive subsidies on them. The policy was launched last year in August. Since then, more than 6000 electric vehicles have been purchased. Furthermore, the Government has also issued tenders for setting up 100 charging stations across the city. 

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has basically asked his government to hire only electric vehicles for various purposes in the next six weeks. In other words, all the delivery chains, big companies, market associations, malls, resident welfare associations, and cinema halls will promote the use of electric vehicles and set up charging stations at their premises. 

“Our vision is that by 2024, 25 percent of new vehicles must be electric. Approximately ₹30,000 subsidies are to be given for 2/3-wheelers while ₹1.5 lakh for 4-wheelers. We are starting the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign today to make people aware of clean vehicles,” commented Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM, in his video conference. 

It is high time that we should now take care of the environment by participating in this campaign. This way we will be able to promote the replacement of polluting petrol and diesel engines with electric vehicles. Besides these, the government has a fixed target of achieving 25 percent electric vehicles among total vehicle registrations in Delhi by 2024. 


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