Makers Campaign 2018

With the success of Maker’s Campaign Season 1 held in 2017 across 23 Indian states having participation from IIT, NITs and other top engineering colleges and with industry support from major giants like Maruti Suzuki, Robert Bosch, Google Cloud, Amazon, Polaris, Powersports, IBC, Make India, Digital India and Autosports. Read More
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Now we are back with Maker’s Campaign Season 2, in which we will be covering 29 states and 58 cities. There will be 2 colleges selected from each state, this time with more Industry partners, more speakers and much wider range of topics, who are there to recruit talents.
How is it going to benefit students?

  • 2 Days Free workshop on career advisory and ongoing opportunities in  Maker’s Industry.
  • Talent scouting by Industry partners.

Which colleges are eligible to apply?

  1. Having an auditorium which can accommodate at least 500 students.
  2. Engineering Colleges and Universities with SAE / ASME / IEEE chapters.
  3. Have involved students in Maker’s Projects of Automotive, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing  domain.

NOTE: Only 2 college from each state is going to be selected based on the criteria’s like Research and Development, Involvement of students in Projects, Lab and Infrastructure Facilities.
List of speakers will be emailed to the college after selection.
Application Form. – Click here to fill the form
Last date to apply – 9th Sept. 2018
For all other info please get in touch with –
Nishant Kar (South India)- 7894177089
Kamlesh Umale (Central India) – 7972719402
Jaskaran Singh Manocha (North India) – 9205189150
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