Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning don’t have to be hard and complex if we approach it in the right way. Sometimes, we need to have a complete working model to understand the basic concept. And this course is going to deliver you the same.

Course objective:

The sole objective of this course is to get you introduced with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). All the programs and projects that we are going to develop, are using Python programming language. So, You need Python knowledge.

If you are not familiar with Python programming language, you can take our course on Python.

Learning outcomes:

After completing this course and assignments given to you, you will have:

  1. Multiple programs developed for Machine Learning
  2. Multiple complete projects developed for Machine Learning
  3. A complete ML model developed


For concept seeker in you, you shall be able to answer these questions comfortably:

  1. What is AI and What is ML?
  2. How AI and ML are different but related?
  3. What are DL, NLP, ANN, DNN, etc.?
  4. What is Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter, etc. and how and why do we use them for Machine Learning?
  5. What are classifiers and models in ML?
  6. How to develop programs and projects of Machine Learning?

For the developer in you, you shall be comfortable with:

  1. Machine learning development environment with Python.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who are curious about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).
  • Engineering students who want to learn AI and ML.
  • Corporate professionals who want to understand basic development in AI and ML.
  • Trainers and teachers who want a start in Artificial Intelligence.

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