Thus the course is for the DIYguru Nanodegree program, in order to provide them the access to the classroom session lecture. Since Live recording is not suitable for online batch students, instructors of DIYguru record separate sessions on the modules taught in the classroom program.

With each classroom session, DIYguru conducts separate LIVE doubt sessions, where students in the online batch can interact with the instructor directly and seek solution of their queries based on the classroom lecture. Once every week, the doubt session is held as a LIVE session, and that recording will also be uploaded in this course structure.

The doubt session timings shall be shared with students over their respective groups.

Course Curriculum

Mechanical Section
Lecture 1: Fundamental of chassis: 2022:06:05 00:45:00
Lecture 2: Brakes: 2022:06:12 00:37:00
Lecture 3 & 4: 2022:06:19 01:02:00
Electrical Section
Lecture 1: What are EVs? 2022:06:11 02:11:00
Lecture 2: Electric vehicle industries: 2022:06:18 02:50:00
Lecture 3: Fundamental of physics for EV: 2022:06:25 02:09:00
Python Section
Lecture 1: Starting the world of Python and Data analytics: 2022:06:11 01:31:00
Lecture 2: Python Basics: 2022:06:18 01:39:00
Lecture 3: Statements, expressions and basic operators: 2022:06:25 01:35:00

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