The course has been specifically designed for Illinois police officers who plan to utilize drones during surveillance, narcotics investigations, crime scene / crash scene documentation, search & rescue, and other law enforcement operations. This training provides interactive hands-on learning and practical exercises to help prepare students to pass the required written licensing exam. Topics taught by a licensed pilot/instructor include airspace rules, aerodynamics, emergency / pre-planned missions, and the principles of unmanned aviation. Students will also receive training from a licensed attorney in the applicable DGCA regulations, Govt. statutes, 4th Amendment case law, liability, policy, and best practices.

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most up-to-date training. Our aerial security courses are designed to keep pilots safe, informed, and equipped to conduct thorough perimeter searches, night operations, and surveillance. We offer courses for people of every skill level. For new pilots, we offer both in-person and online courses that lay the proper foundation for further advanced aerial security training.

  • Introductory Flight Training

    Many organizations are starting from scratch to develop an internal aerial security team. We are the experts at getting new drone pilots ready to enter the national airspace safely and effectively. Our training can be tailored to pilots of any experience level.

  • Aerial Security Mission Training

    Get your drone pilots up to speed on the exact processes necessary to complete your organization’s specific missions. Learn how wind, weather, decision-making, and emergency procedures should be considered for each aerial security flight.

  • On-Site Training

    Our instructors will come to your location to train your team. Save time, money, and the hassle of having your team travel to a training facility.

  • Custom Program

    Giving your team exactly what they need is our priority. Tell us what is important to you and we will customize our training to your specific needs.

  • Expert Instructors

    Our national team of instructors have a diverse background in aviation, drones, and security. We will handpick the perfect instructors for your program.

  • National Footprint

    Looking for a standardized way to train a national team? Our training is designed to provide consistency to even the largest drone programs.


Below are just a few of the monitoring possibilities your team could accomplish:

  • Surveillance of large events, festivals, concerts, and sports
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Surveillance of sporting facilities
  • Photography for preserving evidence
  • Surveillance of illegal activities
  • Countering illegal drug operations
  • Criminal prosecutions in cities
  • Monitoring of flooding
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • Surveillance of hostile demonstrations
  • Deployment against human trafficking – monitoring & surveillance
  • Surveillance of maritime traffic
  • Monitoring of tsunami
  • Border surveillance
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Surveillance of illegal immigrants
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Police-related activities
  • Search for missing persons

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Selection criteria for UAVs used in law enforcement
Regulations, Rating Privileges & Limitations
Crew Resource Management
Emergency Procedures
Physiological Factors Affecting Pilot Performance

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