Earth and space exploration majors are learning about our planet, solar system and universe by combining science, engineering and education. Our students are building space-flight hardware; making astronomical observations; discovering new microbes; exploring volcanoes, oceans and glaciers; investigating earth-climate interactions; and setting the stage for a new era of exploration.

Program Description

The online course in earth and space exploration offers students an integrated education across earth sciences, planetary sciences, astrophysics and engineering. The degree program incorporates a learning community that includes science and engineering students, a yearlong collaborative capstone senior exploration project and strong quantitative preparation.

This strong foundation in geosciences, astrophysics and exploration engineering will prepare students for key roles in:

  • earth resources and exploration
  • environmental and geologic engineering
  • space research and industry
  • water and environmental use policy

Career Opportunities

The earth and space exploration major addresses critical future shortfalls in the national and regional training of the next generation of geoscientists and aerospace engineers. India has an expanding space industry with major new investments and is prepared to engage new technologies to monitor and understand environmental issues in India and throughout the world. Students who major in earth and space exploration will have the tools, knowledge and understanding to address key problems of a global nature, whether they are working in the private or public sector.


  • Earth and Space Exploration (Astrobiology and Biogeosciences)
  • Earth and Space Exploration (Astrophysics)
  • Earth and Space Exploration (Exploration Systems Design)

Course Curriculum

Astronaut Training
International Space Station
Space Walking
Training and Learning Simulations

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