Electric Vehicles in India and it’s impact on Grid. Compiled By:-NSGM-PMU

4 years ago

Electric Vehicles in India and it’s impact on Grid. Compiled By:-NSGM-PMU

The document briefly covers the challenges of EV proliferation, its impact on grid and glimpses of Singapore, Amsterdam policy for EV.

Charging time of batteries and Charging time depends on the input power characteristics, battery type, and battery capacity. Battery Charging In low power applications the power conditioning which includes the AC to DC conversion, the power control unit which delivers a variable DC voltage to the battery, and various filtering functions are all carried out within the charger and can be implemented at a relatively low cost. Ecosystem for Electric Vehicles Testing and certification Vehicle Servicing High capital cost and Financing Electricity quality Market for electricity storage Consumer perceptions Raw Materials for batteries Taxation of vehicles and components Subsidies on fossil fuels Electricity tariff policies Efficiencies of batteries Driving range of EVs Charging time Safety Environmental Impacts Market Technical Policy Infrastructure Charging infrastructure Smart Grids Battery recycling Dedicated lanes for E-2 Wheelers. Policy related challenges include choosing and instituting policy instruments to promote EVs, setting up infrastructure, incentivize automobile manufacturers to produce EVs, and induce consumers to switch to EVs. 

Charging infrastructure includes low speed charging stations in homes and workplaces as well as fast charging points located in public areas including shopping malls, petrol pumps, public parking and mass transit stations. These charging points will form the foundation for Singapore’s future EV charging infrastructure to support the use of EVs in Singapore. The Type 2 charging standard, which is a European charging interface, is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase power supplies, which allows for normal and semi-fast charging of EVs. Encourage EV manufacturers to design vehicles with changeable batteries, so that EV owner can just move in the charging station, replace his battery with fully charged battery and move on. Utility to sanction installation of charging point at homes for EV charging based on available capacity of distribution grid in that area. Intelligent Charging Stations equipped with Fast chargers, timers and capable of switching to normal charging mode based on real time grid conditions/parameters.

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