May 31, 2024

Success Story: R Seshu Kumar’s Journey from DIYguru to eTrailer

Introduction R Seshu Kumar, a passionate and dedicated individual, embarked on a transformative journey in the field of Electric Vehicles (EVs) by enrolling in the Postgraduate (PG) Program in EV Technology at DIYguru. His commitment… Continue Reading

May 12, 2024

Chandan Kumar Karn – From Aspiring Engineer to EV Industry Leader

Chandan Kumar Karn's remarkable journey from Siliguri, West Bengal, to landing a coveted job offer at Sandip University, Madhubani Bihar, within just six months of joining DIYguru's Electric Vehicle Programme, is a powerful illustration of… Continue Reading

May 10, 2024

Prabhat Kumar Gautam’s Success Story with DIYguru’s EV Technology Programme

Background Prabhat Kumar Gautam is a highly skilled automotive professional with a strong foundation in electrical engineering and a passion for electric vehicle (EV) technology. With over two years of experience in technology development and… Continue Reading

April 24, 2024

Aman Anand’s Journey from Civil Service Aspirant to Design Engineer at INENSY

Overview Aman Anand, a recent B.Tech and M.Tech graduate, was initially focused on a career in the civil services. However, finding himself at a crossroads due to intense competition and limited job opportunities in his… Continue Reading


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