Electrical Tools and Domestic Wirings

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DIY Electrical Training

In this course you will learn the basics in Electrical Training that include- Stating what is an accident, the probable causes and safe attitude during it, Rescuing a person who is in contact with a live wire, Understanding the general safety of Tools and Equipment, Describing electricity, conductor, insulator, voltage, current, resistance, P.D., and inter-relation between Voltage, Current, and Resistance etc, Explaining the difference between AC & DC, Describing the purpose of Earthing and Types of Earthing. The successful candidate will be now able to take precautions in any electrical hazards.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 – Introduction to the tools used in Electrical Training 

  • Introduction to the Tools used in Electrical Training (Part 1)

  • Introduction to the Tools used in Electrical Training (Part 2)

  • Introduction to Conductors and Insulators

Module 2 – Understanding the polarity of the current  

  • Identifying the Polarity during a DC Supply of current – DC

  • Identifying the Polarity during a AC Supply of current – AC

Module 3 – Understanding simple Electrical Connections and Faults on a circuit 

  • Introduction to Electrical Connections – Series Connection

  • Introduction to Electrical Connections – Parallel Connection

  • Understanding the connection of a Voltmeter and Ammeter on a Circuit

Module 4 – Understanding house wiring & circuit boards 

  • Diagramatic Representation of Simple House Wiring

  • Understanding the connections on a Dummy Board

  • Understanding the connections of a Circuit Board

  • Identifying the Faults on a Live Circuit Board –

Module 5 – Learning joints in a Circuit 

  • Learning to make a straight Joint

  • Learning to make a T-Joint

  • Learn to Solder & Insulate Joints

Module 6 – Understanding Earthing 

  • Understanding Earthing – Plate Earthing

  • Understanding Earthing – Pipe Earthing

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