Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle Technology: A DIY Guide for EV Beginners

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This Beginners Guide on Electric Vehicle Technology is a crucial guide for anyone who wants to have a clear picture of what an Electric Vehicle Fundamentally constitutes and how the different part works altogether to make the car run on the road.After reading this book, the reader will be in a position to deep dive into the detailed Technical aspects of Electric Vehicle Engineering. The book is written in a very simple and lucid manner explaining each and every component that constitutes the whole body.

There has been a brief discussion on the history and advancement of electric vehicles since 90’s.

I congratulate Mr. Aayush, Mr. Anubhav and other DIYguru members and Board of Advisors on putting forward this book with accuracy and precision.

Aayush serves as senior research and tech associate at DIYguru where he also contributes to various senior management functions. His background lies in automotive design and engineering with specialization in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles. He has authored paper(s) on Development of Passive Child Safety Assist System and co-authored books on Electric Vehicle Engineering.

He has also served BMW and Volvo – Eicher as On-board Diagnostic Engineer. He has more than 200 hours of supervision experience under his belt while working with Honda Motorcycles and Scooters Private Limited. He is a passionate Go-kart racer and was also selected to sit behind the wheels in Formula LGB (F4) Race for Team Avalanche Racing in JK Tyre Racing Championship 2015.

Mr. Nikhil has been instrumental in making the Formula Electric Community stronger in India, he has been the champion of Formula Student Event in 2016 and has been the mentor for teams from IIT’s & NIT’s in India. Mr. Anubhav has worked as a design engineer with Volvo and has five years of experience in formulating contents and delivering it to engineers in house. And, finally, I thank each and every entrepreneur associated with DIYguru for opening their knowledgebase and sharing their valuable insights in E-Mobility. Strive For Excellence!

The guidebook documents the experience and knowledge gained from DIYguru’s consultants. Using IEEE, SAE, ARAI and ASME as the accountability tool, the resource has been designed to foster improvement in overall technical and nontechnical knowledge of electric vehicle. The guidebook will be continuously updated and expanded to encompass the new technology in this domain. It is our hope that by creating and sharing this resource, we can support others in their learning as we all strive to meet the profound challenge of becoming an environmentally sustainable society.

Note: This E-book is free for course takers enrolled in DIYguru Electric Vehicle Engineering Fundamental / Nanodegree Courses.  To get your free copy please email to support team at with your enrollment/order ID.

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