UGC Issues Guidelines to Colleges for Internships During Lockdown

UGC Issues Guidelines to Colleges for Internships During Lockdown

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday, 4 May, announced that it has informed the heads of the different universities in the country to make arrangements for students to take up online internships or activities which can be done from the comfort of their home, in the digital mode, amid the coronavirus lockdown.
According to the letter written by UGC, the guidelines are advisory in nature and the universities may accordingly plan their activities, keeping in view the safety and interest, giving the highest priority to health, of all concerned in the process.
The following guidelines have been issued:
  1. Allow the students to take up ‘online internships/ activities’ including activities that can be carried out digitally or otherwise from home.
  2. Engage them to work as interns on ongoing projects.
  3. Delay the start date for the internship.
  4. Reduce the period of internship clubbing with assignments etc.

New Academic Sessions to Start in August: UGC

According to a notification issued by UGC on 29 April, universities in India may begin their new academic session in August and could replace intermediate semester examinations with internal modes of assessment.
According to a circular issued by the nodal body, universities may begin the 2020-21 academic session from 1 August 2020 for old students and from 1 September 2020 for the fresh batch that will come in this year.
This means that while students being promoted to the second and third year can begin their classes as early as August, those seeking fresh admissions can begin their first-year classes in September.


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