Business Plan, Area of Operations in Electric Vehicle

Business Plan, Area of Operations in Electric Vehicle

city and the entire country. It would certainly be prudent to assert that the current prime minister of Malaysia, Mr. Najib Razak, is responsible for planning, devising, and overseeing Malaysia’s aspiration to become one of the developed countries with high incomes by the year 2020. By the end of 2020, Malaysia is expected to have the opportunity to become a high-income, developed country, according to the Economic Transformation Programme 2020. One of the following principal significant features that we have thought about while picking KL,Malaysia as an area for our vehicle fabricating organization was the simplicity of beginning a business inMalaysia. Malaysia is now considered to be one of those countries where it is quite simple to start a business, according to a World Bank (2013) report. We are overjoyed and confident that our automobile manufacturing company will be able to flourish and achieve considerable success in Malaysian business. It is also very important to point out and emphasize that there are a number of chances and opportunities for businesspeople to open and start their own businesses in Malaysia. Malaysia’s favorable tax rates are one of these kinds of opportunities that the country offers to businesspeople. It should be noted that the country has a corporate tax rate of only 24.5 percent, which is significantly lower than that of other nations. For instance, the total corporate tax rate is 47.5 percent in Australia, 69.3 percent in Brazil, 61.8 percent in India, 34.5 percent in Indonesia, 50 percent in Japan, 46.6% in the Philippines, 37.6% in Thailand, 35.5 percent in the United Kingdom, and finally 46.7 percent in the United States of America. As a result, corporations in Malaysia pay less tax, allowing the newly established auto manufacturing company to take advantage of lower tax rates. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, 293,511 automobiles were manufactured in Malaysia during the first six months of 2013, and this number continues to rise annually, indicating that there is a high potential for automobile production.

The auto industry is a clear choice because it is one of the industries that is considered to be one of the most profitable in today’s business environment. It is easy to deduce from this context that choosing the automobile industry and doing business with it will undoubtedly be financially viable and profitable. As a result, the Hybrid Company can benefit Malaysia’s economy while also making a substantial profit from car manufacturing. On the other hand, Hybrid Company wants to cut down on pollution in the environment by making eco-friendly hybrid cars.

Company’s Background

 In terms of a wide range of advantages for society and the environment, hybrid vehicles offer numerous advantages over conventional automobiles. The Cross breed vehicle is a vehicle which utilizes at least two power sources tomake the vehicle to move. A small combustion engine and an electronic motor provide the two power sources. The majority of people are seeing the advantages of owning a car that will help the driver reduce their carbon footprint while also being energy efficient, which is why hybrid vehicles are gradually but surely gaining popularity among auto buyers. In addition, when people discuss a person’s carbon footprint, they are referring to the amount of pollution and emissions that they individually contribute, both of which have the potential to harm the environment. On the other hand, when people talk about hybrid automobiles, they are referring to a vehicle that is in advance of previous all-electric automobiles that use pug-ion batteries. The difference between a hybrid car and a regular car is that a hybrid uses stored electricity from battery packs stored in the trunk to start the car and then uses the power from the engine to keep it running. The Hybrid does not require power, but some of the more recent models can be charged by plugging in when not in use. Because you will only use gas for long trips and in emergency situations, this is a method that will help reduce the amount of gas you need to use and the amount of pollution in the environment.


The company’s goal is to win over customers in Malaysia with high-quality goods and services and the most satisfying ownerships. We make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable than ever before by providing Hybrid.


Our primary goal is to assist people in purchasing cars that are both comfortable and affordable. We also want to reduce air pollution, protect the environment, and make life much simpler by using hybrid vehicles. We also want to become the most popular cars in Malaysia.



To foster the most appropriate and reasonable vehicles for individuals.- To advance practical vital preparation of business.- To further develop plans of action to accelerate vehicle industry.- To add to the security of climate

Opportunities and competition

First of all, the Barisan Nasional’s plan to gradually reduce car prices by 20-30% within five years is expected to result in fierce competition between importers and national carmakers.
In addition, Hybrid Company is anticipated to benefit from a slew of promotions offered to vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia in 2013. On the other hand, the government has announced that car manufacturing company competition will be more open and fair. The HybridCompany will be able to survive and grow in the market thanks to this.


Supply and Suppliers

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