Welcome to this course on EV. This is an online course, you need to spend 3 Hrs, weekly. The final assessment and certification will be done on the basis of completion of a DIY project. i.e. You have to design and develop an electric bicycle by yourself (It can be made in groups also). We would like to mention that this course is an introduction to the topic of EVs. We will approach the topic from the three perspectives of technology, business and policy mentioned earlier. This course will be followed by the release of more in-depth courses for each track. You will be invited to enrol in these upon completion of this course. We are excited to start this course and look forward to your contributions. Good luck and we hope you have an enriching and inspiring experience in this course!

How to navigate the course? Instruction:  Kindly proceed with the course by clicking on the left panel sidebars, where topic names are mentioned. After completing the module for one week, simply go back, please do not click on the complete course button until and unless you are done with the complete module.


Read Electric Vehicle Guide Book – Click Here (Not for Reproduction or sharing without prior permission from DIYguru Officials)

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