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AICTE asks colleges to credit 20% marks in every sem through online courses provided via SWAYAM


#AICTE requests VCs of all Universities/Affiliating Universities & Directors/Principals of Autonomous colleges to facilitate students & permit credit transfer to the extent of 20% in every sem through #online courses provided via

t was mandated that 20 % of the courses can be taken by the students and Universities were required to recognize the credits of those 20%o Courses. Similarly, AICTE had also issued a Gazette Notification “AICTE (Credit Framework for online learning courses through SWAYAM) Regulation, 20T6 published on 7.08.2016 similar to UGC Regulations. Para 4 of the AICTE’s credit framework for online learning courses through SWAYAM Regulation, 20t6 deals with “ONLINE COURSES” and Para 4.3 speaks about Credit Transfers, as under:
4. 0nline learning courses:
4..1 The online learning courses’ shall be made available on the SWAYAM platform by the PI identified by the National M00Cs Coordinator through their Institution; as per the schedule finalized by him/her.
4.2 The SWAYAM shall notify to the Registrars of all the Institutions, on 1st June, November every year, the list of the online learning courses going to be offered in the forthcoming Semester.
4.3 All the Institutions shall, within 4 weeks from the date of notification by SWAYAM, consider through their Competent Authority the online learning courses being offered through the SWAYAM platform; and keeping in view their academic requirements, decide upon the courses which it shall permit for credit transfer.
AICTE has very recently developed a Curriculum for technical programs. It is worthwhile to mention here that AICTE’s curriculum has been adopted by most of the Universities. AICTE has therefore additionally done the job of mapping SWAYAM courses with UG courses suggested in AICTE’s model curriculum. In other words, AICTE indicated the equivalence of AICTE courses with the online courses which can be taken on SWAYAM. The list of mapping is available on AICTE’s website
You may also look at your curriculum and find the equivalent courses SWAYAM for all the courses i.e. from the first year to final year and suggest SWAYAM equivalent of your courses facilitating teachers and students to quickly select the course now and also in future and the decision of which may be taken at the university level through the appropriate body as per the Credit Framework Regulations issued by UGC and AICTE. T
his has become more important and relevant because of the present lockdown in the wake of COVID 19 as the physical classes and examinations are difficult to conduct. ‘-‘ In view of above, AICTE requests VCs of all Universities/Affiliating Universities and Directors / Principals of Autonomous colleges to facilitate students and permit credit transfer to the extent of 20o/o in every semester through the online courses provided through SWAYAM platform.


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