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DIYguru is a renowned platform for Future Mobility and has played a vital role

upskilling India’s top automotive engineering talent by providing intensive 

industry-relevant training on leading edge industry 4.0 tech. We make

sure that you land an offer after completion of course, you are

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DIYguru alumni — entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and above all, leaders are helping to shape the world right now. From E-Mobility to 3-D printing to Renewable Energy, many of the products and services that you use right now in this world have sprung from the minds and hands of DIYguru brilliant alumni community.

DIYguru alumni represent one of the most talented, innovative, and networked communities of automotive engineers on the planet. Many remain deeply involved in the daily activities of DIYguru. They volunteer, serve on boards, head up regional alumni clubs, and generously support DIYguru students, faculty, and staff. As individuals, their contributions are extraordinary. As a community, their impact is infinite.

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The DIYguru Advantage!

Welcome to India's first DIY Learning Platform! Stand out in your field. Develop the expertise employers are looking for through a series of skills-based DIY courses.

Online Course followed by Workshops

DIYguru emphasizes learn-by-doing’ and next-generation skills to spur the wave of experimentalism. We organizes skill-based training camps and Workshops, webinars for students enrolled in our online courses.

24 x 7  Doubt Clearing & Mentorship

Personalized mentorship by experts from your corner solve your problems, nurture your talents and support you by connecting you with other great professionals..

Credit Eligible Certificates

We provide industry-ready, certified courses with online verification.







Our mission is to provide manufacturing industries with skilled students who have the advantage of Job Opportunity and Entrepreneurship in Manufacturing Sectors by gaining Skill based Training through DIY Learning approach. We wish to inspire young students to live lives of passion and purpose — and learn how they can change the world through science & engineering.

Our Philosophy To improve the quality of educational contents and use them to explain the basic concepts of design, manufacturing and make it understand to the masses.

Our Motto DIYguru is a movement to empower the next generation skills spurring the great wave of experimentalism, convention-breaking, and do-it-yourself attitude among the new generation students and professionals.


Avinash Kumar Singh

Avinash Kumar Singh


Avinash has over six years of research, marketing and startup experience in south-Asia.

He has led upskilling programs for Suzuki, Bosch, and Hyundai. His efforts have been recognised and awarded by Amazon, Google and Digital India Foundation for bringing choicest online courses within the reach of the masses.

He has also been a part of leadership team of large scale impact organisations like KISS and RHA. He is passionate about promoting maker culture globally and is a mentor to maker communities in India and abroad.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

Investor Relations

Ashutosh has worn the hats of an entrepreneur, innovator, strategist, technology evangelist, growth hacker, full-stack marketer, community enabler and startup catalyst over the last ten years with a demonstrated track record of nurturing partnerships, mentoring and leadership.

He regularly contributes and engages with various incubators, entrepreneurship societies, government agencies, professional institutions and business organisations. Investment Management, Incubator Administration, and Institutionalising Innovation are his most sought after areas of expertise. He actively champions the cause of Environment, Education and Entrepreneurship.

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar


Experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the corporate sector. Skilled in International Taxation, Audit, Financial Accounting, and Startup Consulting. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant armed with a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi.

Aayush M Chimurkar

Aayush M Chimurkar

Tech Associate

Automotive engineer with specialisation in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. He has authored paper(s) on Development of Passive Child Safety Assist System. He has also served BMW and Volvo – Eicher as On-board Diagnostic Engineer. He has more than 200 hours of supervision experience under his belt while working with Honda Motorcycles and Scooters Private Limited. He is a passionate Go-kart racer and was also selected to sit behind the wheels in Formula LGB (F4) Race for Team Avalanche Racing in JK Tyre Racing Championship 2015.

Anubhav Sen

Anubhav Sen

Program Manager

Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry, he has served giants like Volvo and Hyundai. He is a great collaborator and brings strong professional skills in Customer Relationship Management, Sales Operations, and Program Management to the table.

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil Raj

Research Associate

Nikhil has taken many roles as Research Associate, Author, Design Engineer, and Software Engineer in his short career. He led the specialised teams in Suspension and Vehicle Dynamics in his Formula Student Team. The efforts were widely appreciated and awarded AIR 3 in SUPRA 2015, with separate trophies in three categories.

He founded FSAE Tutor with a vision to create a Formula Student knowledge sharing community. He regularly contributes to the platform and engages with contenders who participate in formula student competitions. Engineering Solution and Design Methodology are his most sought after area of expertise. He has a penchant for innovation and ideation along with event management. He is a big advocate of learning by doing concept as he believes in ‘competition is the best form of learning’.


About Us


Started with small hobby blog – Mechies Networks

Started with small hobby blog – Mechies Networks

This was the time when we started our blog for Mechanical Engineers. We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that we could provide..Know More


BAJA Tutor was Launched by University Students

BAJA Tutor was Launched by University Students

BajaTutor is a group of ATV enthusiasts, most of whom are BAJA Alumni and some have been involved in organization of SAE BAJA previously. It is a non-profit group to support and assist aspirants of BAJA. BajaTutor was established in 2014 by a group of BAJA Alumni, who in their..Know More


First Recognition (Autosports India)

First Recognition (Autosports India)

Autosports India was founded in 2014 with the sole objective of promoting ATV & Adventure Sports culture in India. From the inception, the company saw a tremendous reception from Automotive makers like Porsche, Lamborghini & Audi. By this time we were a well-known name within the Engineering Fraternity. We had..Know More


Launch of Mega ATV Championship

In partnership with DLF, Polaris and Orissa State Government, our team organised Mega ATV Championship 2016 attended by 70 teams across India.


Launch of DIYguru: India’s 1st Maker’s Learning Platform

Launch of DIYguru: India’s 1st Maker’s Learning Platform

DIYguru was launched in India’s in 2016 as a Maker’s Learning Platform rising as a favorite upskilling platform for learners benefiting more than 50,000 enthusiasts across 400+ institutions through online courses and hands-on training to acquire industry relevant skills. Our programs have been recognized and availed by Robert Bosch, Suzuki,..Know More


Launch of E-Mobility Certification Course

Launch of E-Mobility Certification  Course

DIYguru was the first to launch E-Mobility online + offline module course way back in 2017 before the launch of MIT – EDx, Harvard, NPTEL online EV courses. The first big reception came from Robert Bosch becoming one of our clients for upskilling their employees.


Awarded – Digital India Foundation Award from MyGov | Govt. of India

Digital India Foundation Award - MyGov to DIYguru

DIYguru was awarded with Digital India Foundation Award 2018 for promoting maker’s culture in India and for making courses in the manufacturing field. In the picture is MyGov CEO Mr. Arvind Gupta with Rahul Sharma, President, AWS India and South Asia (Amazon Internet Services) WWPS | NASSCOM Executive Council Member...Know More


Maker’s Campaign 2018 in Partnership with Govt. of India

Maker’s Campaign 2018 in Partnership with Govt. of India

In the wake of promoting maker’s culture in India. The DIYguru team took the initiative of enhancing maker’s skills in the field of Automotive Design & Engineering in partnership with Maker’s Asylum, Vecmocon, Polaris, Google, Amazon and BAJA Tutor by giving 2 Days Free Workshop to students who are keen..Know More


MOU Between Goa Engineering College (GEC) & DIYguru for Industry 4.0 Upskilling Program

MOU Between Goa Engineering College (GEC) & DIYguru for Industry 4.0 Upskilling Program

The MOU was signed in the hands of Shri K. K. Sekhar, President of FSAI (Goa chapter). In the presence of Shri Bharat Kamat; Chairman Indian Green Building Council (Goa chapter), Dr.Krupashankara M. S.; Principal Goa College of Engineering, Mr. Avinash Singh; CEO DIYGURU, Dr. Ganesh Hegde; Professor and Incharge..Know More


Invited for Roundtable on Skill Development in Electric Vehicles — Organized by UK Government’s DFID

Invited for Roundtable on Skill Development in Electric Vehicles — Organized by UK Government’s DFID

A roundtable conference was held by the Department for International Development (DFID), Govt. of UK, Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC), FICCI, KPMG, ARAI & DIYguru at Symbiosis Skills & Open University (SSOU) in Pune. The agenda was to deliberate on the possible interventions that can be taken up in the..Know More


Our DIYguru Team, Fellows, Employees are regular contributors to Robin Hood Army. The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based Zero funds organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society in cities across India and 12 other countries. The less fortunate sections who the organisation reaches out to include homeless families, orphanages, night shelters, homes for abandoned children, patients from public hospitals, etc.

TRUSTED BYBecome a maker at DIYguru

DIYguru is India’s favorite upskilling platform for learners benefiting more than 50,000 enthusiasts across 400+ institutions through our online courses and hands-on training to acquire industry relevant skills. Our programs have been trusted by Robert Bosch, Suzuki, and Hyundai to name a few.

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DIYguru Success Stories

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Online Course, Trainings and Industry 4.0 Skills at DIYguru Learning Platform

  1. For Students:ITI / Diploma / B.Tech / M.Tech. / M.S. Research (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & EEE Branch)FUNDAMENTALS: For First & Second-year students, who are new to science and engineering and are looking to boost their CV / Resume to stand out of the crowd in getting Internships and preparing base for making their future in Automotive & Product Development Industry, the best strategy will be to go with Fundamental Job oriented Certification Courses which includes Fundamentals of Automobile Engineering, Fundamentals of Python for Mechanical Engineers, Motorcycle Engineering Fundamentals, Electrical Machine Fundamentals Training, MATLAB Fundamentals & Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals.

    INTERMEDIATE: For Third-year students who are planning about making their career through Campus Placements in Automotive (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMS’s & Electric Vehicle) & Product Development Industry the best strategy, if they have cleared their Job oriented Fundamental DIYguru Certification Courses which we have recommended above for sophomore students would be to go with the Job oriented Electric Vehicle Engineering Nanodegree Program, Vehicle Dynamics, MATLAB, CATIA / Solidworks for CAD and ANSYS – CAE for structural analysis and MSC Adams for Multibody Dynamics Analysis like Suspension and other moving automotive body part and finally Automotive Sketching to boost your knowledge of concepts and software required for Automotive Industry and OEM’s, This will also unable you to boost your resume. Third years is considered vital for your career growth and you can make the best use of time by adding as many certifications in your resume as possible to stand out of the crowd.

    ADVANCED: For Final year students, as they are about to appear for Mechanical Engineering companies interview mainly Automotive / Automation & Product Manufacturing companies, it is best suggested to go withJob oriented Advanced Electric Vehicle Engineering Course and Battery Management System Course if they have already gone there thinking about making their career in EV sector which is growing exponentially and is about to generate 25 lakh jobs by 2025. Electrical & Electronics Engineering students along with Electric Vehicle Fundamental & Advanced Module should go for added Labview Course as well as Specialization in DATA Analytics with Python to have a firm understanding of the subject and open a wide variety of career option in Industrial automation (Industry 4.0)

    For students who have passed out from Engineering / Technology / ITI / Diploma background and are looking to enter into Automotive or Product manufacturing/development industry making sure that they land a job after doing DIYguru Job oriented course.The best use of this platform would be to go with The Job Guaranteed Program or the Job Assistance Program which will enable you to go extensively through the modules to be completed in a particular time frame.

    For Professionals

    For Entrepreneurs who are looking to develop an electric vehicle from beginning till the end of the Product lifecycle i.e. right from the Planning phase and preparing the basic concept note to Market Research to Designing and Analysis of different Electric Vehicle OEM parts and then simulating the components in different software obtaining thermal and fatigue profiles and finally rendering the finished prototype and putting it into manufacturing phase, we have prepared a bundled Industry 4.0 pack which you can buy here – Industry 4.0 Course Package consisting of all required courses with lifetime access.

    For Working Professionals (Employees, HR’s / Managers / Engineers / Professors) who are looking to upskill themselves in Industrial automation and product manufacturing. They can opt for any of the following courses based on their requirements in the industry which they are currently working or looking forward to.

    For Hobbyists who belong from a non-tech background (Commerce / Arts / Law / Hospitality)

    All the courses on the DIYguru platform are project-oriented i.e. after successful completion of any course, you are able to create something out of it, for ex. if you are looking to make an electric car/bike of yourself. We would suggest you go with the Electric Vehicle Engineering Course which will enable you to retrofit a petrol/diesel variant into an electric one. If you are looking to design a super finished model of Buggati Veron, go for the Solidworks course. If you are good at arts and sketching go for the Automotive Sketching course. In case you are looking to repair or troubleshoot your bike/scooter consider opting for Motorcycle Engineering Course. In case you want to start your future journey of beginning a career in Automobile industry you can opt-in this particular manner



Professionals from 70+ Companies use DIYguru Platform for Upskilling
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Professionals from 70+ Automotive Companies Use DIYguru Platform for Upskilling


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