The story of vehicle emission controls began in India when mass emission norms were enforced for the first time for petrol vehicles in 1991 and for diesel vehicles in 1992. Emission norms were further tightened in 1996 with the compulsory fitment of catalytic converters in petrol cars. Bharat Stage emission norms (equivalent to Euro norms for four-wheeled vehicles) were first introduced in 2000. These norms specify the maximum permissible emission limit for carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrous oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM).

While the application of a stricter emission norm may sound good, especially amidst the mounting concerns over the ever-rising pollution levels in the country, there’s a lot more to it than just that. Firstly, it takes years for automakers to develop a new kind of engine or to tweak around with the current ones used in their vehicles. Once the research and development are over, the task of setting up full-scale production comes up. All of this comes at a cost that eventually makes the vehicle more expensive for the end customer of the product and that can be a cause of concern for automakers given how price-sensitive the Indian market is.


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Program Objective

This program equips you with thorough knowledge of Bharat Stage Norms, Bharat Stage norms in comparison with Euro Norms, history of pollution norms, technological advancements made by the automotive giants to manufacture new vehicles which strictly holds BS6 norms competency and also the study of consumer prospective to understand the mindset of costumers.   

DIYguru presents the certification program on Emission Norms and Control Strategies. This program provides you with the most flexible learning environment possible. This program is offered as a self-paced program often referred to as an asynchronous online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24X7 within the tenure of 14 days. This program can be accessed from multiple devices which makes it easy to learn on the go. Lectures that are pre-recorded or slide presentation with voice-over commentary, interactive discussion boxes that foster student to student interaction, Email communication with the instructor are part of this process.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. A better understanding of different emission norms.
  2. Deep know-hows about European and Bharat Stage Norms.
  3. How pollutants are generated and what are the corrective measures to be taken.
  4. Thorough knowledge of all the technological shifts which are implemented by automotive giants.
  5. Understanding consumer mindsets and what are the brighter and darker sides of BS 6 norms.

Main Highlights

  1. Learn without a career break with online classes available 24*7.
  2. One can access the course at their own pace, but with the investment of 3-5 hours/week, it can be finished within a month.
  3. The program uses a Continuous Evaluation System that assesses the learners over convenient and regular intervals. Such a system provides timely and frequent feedback and helps busy working professionals stay on course with the program.
  4. The education delivery method is a blend of classroom and experiential learning.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is designed for students or professionals who are:

  1. Students who are interested in understanding BS6 emission norms.
  2. Professionals who want to increase their knowledge of BS6 control strategies.
  3. Consumers of an automobile who are interested to know about the technology in which automotive giants are improvising on BS 6 compliant vehicles.

Technical Requirements

The program to give its best will need the following requirements:

  1. Computer/ Laptop will provide you with the best experience, but this program is quite compatible with smartphones to make it feasible for students worldwide.
  2. High-speed internet for crystal clear experience, but this program can also run without buffering with below-average connectivity for reaching out to students from suburban and rural areas.
  3. A student should make their notes for future reference.
  4. A student should have basic knowledge about high-school physics, maths, and chemistry, even though the pre-requisite of this program will brush up one’s basic concepts.



Competency Certificate 

DIYguru will feel proud to awards the certificate of competency in ‘BS VI – Emission Norms and Control Strategies to only those aspirants who have 100% completed their online module.

DIYguru proficiency Certificate is highly valuable by industry giants namely Robert Bosch; Maruti Suzuki; Hyundai Motors, are the name of few, which is why DIYguru earned certificates are secured with a unique certificate ID. To check the validation of the certificate, check out the footer section of the home page.   

Certificate provided to you is an online certificate, which means there is no need to download, after completion of the course, aspirants are requested to check their profile to view their earned certificate. In case the certificate is not issued feel free to write us a certificate@diyguru.org, our team will help you out.






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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Emission Norms 00:01:57
Overview to course FREE 00:02:09
Why Norms are Necessary 00:02:59
Who Formulated Emission Norms 00:08:00
How BS6 Formulated 00:01:22
History of Emission Norms 00:09:41
Gasoline Chemistry 00:12:37
Diesel Chemistry FREE 00:09:56
Major Pollutants 00:20:08
Quiz 1 00:00:00
Technological Changes
Various Advancements 00:01:54
EGR 00:19:46
SCR 00:13:37
Catalytic Convertor 00:10:09
DOC 00:08:13
DPF 00:07:21
Exhaust Throttle 00:03:25
Injectors 00:15:21
Fuel Pump 00:07:54
Electronics 00:03:40
Sensor 1 00:10:01
Sensor 2 00:00:00
Sensor 3 00:04:32
Sensor 4 00:04:59
Sensor 5 00:04:12
Sensor 6 00:06:16
Quiz 2 00:10:00
EGR Sensor and Actuator FREE 00:08:31
Oxygen Sensor 00:08:28
NOx Sensor 00:08:32
Fuel Control Unit 00:09:40
Fuel Line Architecture 00:23:18
Sensor Architecture 00:10:49
E ECU Connections 00:05:15
Actual Wire Harness 00:03:24
OBD 00:17:29
Quiz 3 00:10:00
Customer Perspective
Consumer Perspective 00:08:00
Files Part-1 00:30:00


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  1. Great


    My experience with has been great. The course material, designed by industry experts, is well planned. It can be accessed via Android and IOS mobile and the LMS is easy to use.

  2. Well Organized


    I wanted to learn and tried many sources, but, found it hard to learn the topic. However, DIYguru’s program was not only easy to follow, but the content was also well-organized and offered plenty of real-world examples. Their affordable fee was a big bonus too. I have grown my portfolio since I joined DIYguru.

  3. Best !!


    DIYguru is the best platform for people who want to learn. They have introductory and interactive courses with highly talented trainers who helped me learn and grow in my industry. The course content is so clear and concise that it is virtually effortless to understand. I would recommend it to everyone. DIYguru is the best in my opinion.

  4. Useful


    I was looking to learn, and a friend recommended DIYguru. DIYguru’s course gave me the knowledge required to start building my concepts. The trainer was very clear with their explanations and helped us with a lot of tips.

  5. Awesome


    I had an awesome learning experience with DIYguru. All the courses are well structured with self-learning, recorded classes. The trainers are good; They connect with students well and answer questions.

  6. Explanatory


    DIYguru’s courses are well organized and explanatory, which gives you a perfect head start. They’ll make you understand the concepts all the way from the basics, which is the best part. I am a beginner in online learning, and still, I can understand the content very clearly.

  7. Knowledgeable


    DIYguru is the best platform for e-learning. The instructor is qualified and knowledgeable and willing to help. I have started with this course, and have finished two courses in the past. I would recommend DIYguru to my friends and colleagues.

  8. Good


    DIYguru is a gateway for people who want to enter into the fields of latest technology. I found this to be one of the best online portals, and I would definitely recommend it.


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