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DIYguru alumni — entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and above all, leaders are helping to shape the world right now. From E-Mobility to 3-D printing to Renewable Energy, many of the products and services that you use right now in this world have sprung from the minds and hands of DIYguru brilliant alumni community.

DIYguru alumni represent one of the most talented, innovative, and networked communities of automotive engineers on the planet. Many remain deeply involved in the daily activities of DIYguru. They volunteer, serve on boards, head up regional alumni clubs, and generously support DIYguru students, faculty, and staff. As individuals, their contributions are extraordinary. As a community, their impact is infinite.

Learner Stories

Hear #PowerAhead stories of career growth from our learners

“DIYguru has helped us a lot in improvising the concepts of electric vehicle design & engineering for our experienced and fresh employees. The trainers are of high quality and knowledgeable in terms of delivering the contents and making things understandable. We look forward to having a continuous relationship.”

|   R Shashi Kumar, Head HR – Robert Bosch Engineering

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66% Alumni Career Transitions
73+ Hiring Partners
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Hear #PowerAhead stories of career growth from our learners

Course Feedbacks

Hear #PowerAhead stories of learning experience from our learners

Even though I missed the timeline, DIY GURU helped me in extending the timeline by 30 days. Thanks for it.Presentation kind of materials with all important topics would have been helpful.
The course was good, to begin with, the topic. I guess it would have been better to provide the solutions to the assignments. I am interested in other courses also but i find the course fees it at a higher side. If that can be managed i think DIYGURU is a brilliant platform for industrial application learning.
Nitin Dhariwal
Keep up the good work. Please do add more courses related to mechanical engineering. Looking forward to take more courses.
Sudheer S
"Its been a great experience with DIY guru. Thanks for your efforts."
Jasmeet Singh
Thanks for the Awesome Course.
Nishanshu Digarsey
It was a excellent course.I had no knowledge of electric vehicle before but now i know almost everything about EV ,how they work,How battery works etc.Atlast, I want to say thank you DIYGURU
Ayushman Dutta
Lecturing was very understandable for all students also well being knowledge .
Moosa Midlaj
overall a great experience
Shubhankar Bose
"This course has been very informative and was very easily understandable, The lectures and all the videos were really good ones. The MCQ's have helped allot, Thank you for bringing such an amazing course for the people . "
V. Gokul Krishnan
it was one of the best course. the assignments questions were the best
Roshan Chintaman Bhor
Overall good course as per industry requirement. Thanks
It was all good thanks for the brilliant course
Mohd Junaid Moulana

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