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Electric Vehicle Retrofitting in Delhi : Opportunities ahead


Table of Contents

As per the orders issued by the National Green Tribunal (2015) and the Supreme Court (2018), over 10-year-old diesel and 15-year old petrol vehicles cannot operate in Delhi-NCR. Electric Vehicle Retrofitting in Delhi comes as a big relief to the owners of 10-year-old diesel vehicles in the national capital.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot on Thursday announced that old diesel vehicles can now be retrofitted with electric kits. 

In another step to boost EVs in the national capital, the government also announced that electric light commercial vehicles (e-LCV) will be allowed entry on about 250 roads during no-entry hours.

The transport department will empanel manufacturers of electric kits for retrofitting conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric ones for Electric Vehicle Retrofitting in Delhi. Once empanelled, this will allow old diesel vehicles to continue ply in Delhi-NCR even after 10 years.

What does an EV conversion kit consist of?

To begin with, the diesel car or SUV will be stripped of all its ICE components – engine, fuel tank, exhaust, drivetrain. Once the car has been hollowed out underneath the bonnet, leaving only the chassis, lower arm etc., this is followed by the installation of an electric motor (DC, mostly) and a battery pack. Modern-day EVs have their battery pack placed across the floor board, and this is usually not possible on retro-fitted cars, which have to have the batteries placed wherever they can be accommodated.

EV retrofitting is great for the rapid development of EV infrastructure as it leads to more widespread adoption of the technology

In addition to this a conversion kit requires a power controller to regulate the flow of energy, a recharging system to allow the flow of electricity to the li-ion batteries and a few other tweaks to power the car’s other electronic functions. Then you’ll need a transmission adapter kit along with a controller and a chill plate to keep the controller cool. A domestic charging system will also need to be included

Is it useful?

EV kits are a more cost-effective method of switching to electric. Especially considering your only other alternative is to buy another relatively new ICE vehicle. In some cases however, particularly with entry-level cars, you’re better off purchasing a new ICE vehicle since the cost of retrofitting might exceed it.

However, EV retrofitting is great for the rapid development of EV infrastructure as it leads to more widespread adoption of the technology – a factor the Delhi government has kept in mind before introducing this initiative. In addition to diesels retrofitted with EV powertrains, LCV ((light commercial vehicles) featuring EV powertrains will also be allowed to ply and park on public roads during no-entry hours.

EV kit makers in India

Fortunately, India already has a thriving EV kit making ecosystem which includes start-ups like Loop Moto, North Way Motor Sport and Altigreen along with established players like Bosch which is also a key component manufacturer for global EV manufacturers. While the start-ups are yet to be empanelled by the state’s regulatory authorities and test agencies, a lot of them might end up being the first kit maker you approach in the future. However, most of them have established themselves using lighter and smaller vehicles and the cost and efficacy of retrofitting bulky SUVs with diesel powertrains remains to be seen.

Training & Upskilling in EV Retrofitting

DIYguru in partnership with ASDC, Govt. of India has launched the Electric Vehicle Nanodegree Program which is a blended learning module (Online + Offline) consisting of projects in Electric Vehicle Retrofitting.

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