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Developing Indigenous EV Charging Kit and Embedded Systems Kit by EVI Technologies with DIYguru for Academia

DIYguru, in collaboration with EVI Technologies and under the mentorship of Dr. B.K. Panigrahi from IIT Delhi, developed an indigenous EVSE Charging Kit and Embedded Systems Kit. This initiative, supported by AICTE and L&T Edutech, aimed at providing hands-on training in EV technology to students in engineering and ITI/Diploma colleges across India. The kits cover extensive modules, including EVSE testing, battery management, motor control, and communication protocols, enhancing practical skills and fostering innovation in the rapidly evolving EV industry.


EV Charging Kit


DIYguru, in collaboration with EVI Technologies, undertook a comprehensive R&D project under the mentorship of Dr. B.K. Panigrahi, Head of Cart Lab at IIT Delhi, to develop indigenous Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Charging Kit and Embedded Systems Kit. This initiative aimed at equipping engineering and ITI/Diploma colleges across India with advanced EVSE testing and learning tools, supported by AICTE & L&T Edutech.


  • Develop cost-effective and high-quality EVSE Charging and Embedded Systems Kits.
  • Provide hands-on training modules for students in EV technology and embedded systems.
  • Enhance practical understanding and skills in EV infrastructure and embedded systems.

Training Modules and Topics Covered

EVSE Charging Kit Training Modules:

  1. Introduction to EVSE Testing System:
    • Understanding the working principles of input sections, variac, and energy meters.
    • Determining voltage and load parameters.
  2. AC EVSE Charger Operation:
    • Verification of input voltage and charger responses through OTP and RFID.
    • Evaluating charger behavior during idle and charging conditions.
    • Assessing energy efficiency and protection units of the EV charger.
  3. External EVSE Connection:
    • Repeating input voltage verification and charger behavior experiments on external EVSE chargers.
  4. Output Section Analysis:
    • Determining output voltage ranges and energy meter readings.
    • Understanding current variations with different loads.

Embedded Systems Kit Training Modules:

  1. ESP32 Controller Mastery:
    • Core functionality and programming of the ESP32 microcontroller.
    • Utilizing BLE features and programming with the Arduino IDE.
  2. Motor Control Dynamics:
    • Hands-on experience with motor control and PWM for speed regulation.
  3. Environmental Monitoring and Sensors:
    • Implementing temperature and humidity sensors.
    • Using ADC protocols and ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement.
  4. Battery Management Systems (BMS):
    • Practical battery management techniques.
    • Understanding AC-DC and DC-DC converters for power distribution.
  5. Communication Networks:
    • CAN communication with ESP32.
    • Data communication through UART with GSM modules.
  6. Visual Interface and GPIO Protocols:
    • Implementing SPI protocols for TFT displays.
    • Interacting with LEDs, push buttons, and switches.

Experiments Conducted

EVSE Testing System Experiments:

  • Verification of voltage, current, and energy parameters.
  • Testing protection devices like RCCB, MCB, and SPD.
  • Evaluating charger responses during various operational states.
  • Assessing energy efficiency and safety features.

Embedded Systems Experiments:

  • Programming and interfacing ESP32 with various sensors.
  • Motor control using PWM and sensor data integration.
  • Building and testing a functional electric vehicle prototype.
  • Implementing communication protocols and network simulations.


  • Developed indigenous EVSE and Embedded Systems Kits for educational purposes.
  • Enhanced hands-on learning experiences for engineering and ITI/Diploma students.
  • Equipped educational institutions with state-of-the-art EVSE testing and embedded system tools.
  • Fostered innovation and practical skills among students in EV technology.

Key Participants and Mentors

Deployment and Support

The kits are being deployed in partnership with AICTE and L&T Edutech across various engineering and ITI/Diploma colleges in India, providing students with practical tools and training to excel in the EV industry.


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