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Prabhat Kumar Gautam’s Success Story with DIYguru’s EV Technology Programme

Prabhat’s journey with DIYguru led to significant milestones: Enhanced Expertise: Became an expert in EV technology, contributing to roles at ICAT and Xero EV. Dream Jobs Secured: Landed prestigious positions, including his current role at ICAT.



Prabhat Kumar Gautam is a highly skilled automotive professional with a strong foundation in electrical engineering and a passion for electric vehicle (EV) technology. With over two years of experience in technology development and research, Prabhat has made significant strides in the automotive industry. His roles have included working as a Research Engineer at the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) and as a Model-Based Developer at Xero EV, focusing on innovative EV projects. Despite his extensive experience, Prabhat sought to enhance his expertise in EV technology to achieve his dream roles in the industry.


Prabhat faced the following challenges in his career progression:

  1. Advanced Technical Knowledge: To excel further in the EV industry, Prabhat needed to deepen his understanding of specific EV technologies and systems.
  2. Practical Application Skills: Gaining hands-on experience with EV components and systems was essential for Prabhat to demonstrate his practical capabilities.
  3. Industry Certification: Acquiring a recognized certification in EV technology would bolster his credentials and improve his job prospects.

Solution: DIYguru’s Electric Vehicle Technology Programme

Prabhat enrolled in the DIYguru Electric Vehicle Technology Programme, a specialized course designed to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in EV technology.

  1. Extensive Curriculum:
    • The programme covered key areas such as battery packs, powertrain systems, converters, inverters, and EV charging infrastructure.
    • It included detailed training on MATLAB/Simulink, enhancing Prabhat’s ability to model and simulate EV systems effectively.
  2. Hands-on Experience:
    • Prabhat engaged in over 10 technical R&D projects, gaining practical experience in motor modeling, solar PV-based charging systems, and EV powertrain analysis.
    • He worked on real-world projects, such as simulating a solar PV-based charging system using the MPPT algorithm and boost converter.
  3. Industry-Relevant Projects:
    • The programme facilitated projects on designing and implementing innovative EV systems, such as a remote ignition system and a secure seat locking system for electric two-wheelers.
    • These projects helped Prabhat apply his theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, enhancing his problem-solving skills.
  4. Certification and Recognition:
    • Prabhat earned an Associate’s degree in EV Technology from DIYguru, a credential recognized by industry leaders.
    • This certification underscored his specialized knowledge and commitment to advancing in the EV sector.


The completion of DIYguru’s Electric Vehicle Technology Programme enabled Prabhat to achieve significant career milestones:

  1. Enhanced Expertise:
    • Prabhat’s advanced knowledge in EV technology and systems positioned him as an expert in his field, contributing to his roles at ICAT and Xero EV.
    • He specialized in EV charger testing, fuel cell research, and the development of innovative EV systems.
  2. Securing Dream Jobs:
    • Prabhat’s enhanced skill set and certification helped him secure prestigious positions, including his current role as a Research Engineer at ICAT and a previous role as Model-Based Developer and Electrical Head at Xero EV.
    • His work involves leading cutting-edge projects, driving advancements in EV technology.
  3. Career Advancement:
    • Prabhat’s expertise in MATLAB/Simulink and EV-specific projects led to rapid career progression and recognition within the industry.
    • He continues to contribute to significant projects, leveraging his skills to drive innovation in sustainable transportation.
  4. Professional Fulfillment:
    • Prabhat’s career now aligns with his passion for EV technology and sustainable solutions, providing him with a sense of accomplishment and professional fulfillment.
    • He remains committed to exploring new challenges and opportunities in the EV industry, continually building on the foundation provided by DIYguru’s programme.


DIYguru’s Electric Vehicle Technology Programme played a crucial role in Prabhat Kumar Gautam’s journey towards achieving his dream jobs in the EV industry. The comprehensive curriculum, practical training, and industry-recognized certification empowered him to overcome challenges and excel in his career. Prabhat’s success story illustrates the impact of specialized education in enabling professionals to advance in emerging technological fields and achieve their career aspirations.


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