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What is Setting up your own Charging Station?


Table of Contents

Since the Indian government has made it abundantly clear that anyone can set up an EV charging station anywhere in the country, you don’t need a license to open an electric car charging station in India. You only need to comply with the power ministry’s technical standards and guidelines. Therefore, you do not need any licenses to own your EV charging station; all you need is the right partner. When you work with the right partner, they will look over your property and give you the best options for getting started making money.

How to set up an EV charging station at home

Well, most people who own electric vehicles praise them for being smooth, dependable, and, best of all, that they never require a gas station stop! Nevertheless, all of the aforementioned characteristics are true, with the exception of never making a gas station stop. As we as a whole realize EVs work on power and the power to re-energize vehicles needs to come from some source. unless you intend to stand in line for an extended period of time at a public charging station to swap batteries. Instead, recharge EVs without stress at home. In addition, technically, establishing a home EV charging station that includes Levels 1 and 2 is required for this.

Level 1 electric vehicle charger installation

An expert electrician is all that is needed to install the level 1 electric charger, which comes with your electric vehicle. You can start using your Level 1 charger immediately by connecting it to a 230V/15A single-phase plug that can produce up to 2.5kW of power. You can set up an autonomous EV charging station system here without incurring additional installation costs.

AC chargers are the Level 1 chargers that come with electric vehicles or cars. These chargers are typically slow, and it typically takes an overnight to fully charge an EV. The amount of charge required to maintain a usable battery capacity and the charging rate both influence the charging time. The Level 1 home charger can charge electric scooters in two to three hours and electric cars in approximately six to seven hours. Home metering also includes the amount of electricity used. To ensure safety, the Bharat EV specifications recommend installing an IEC 60309 industrial connector and a residual current circuit breaker.

The technical specifications of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 chargers in India are presented in this table.

Level 2 electric vehicle charger installation

Level 2 charging offers a quick charging answer for EV proprietors. To set up a home charging station for this DC charger, an experienced engineer or specialized installation team is required. Be that as it may, prior to introducing a Level 2 charger an EV proprietor requirements to observe the rules gave by the Service of Force. The level 2 chargers for electric vehicles are cost-effective and versatile. YoCharge, on the other hand, offers Type 2 AC chargers with single-phase (7.4kW) and three-phase (22kW) options. Complete this form to receive installation instructions for a Type 2 AC EV charger. In addition, YoCharge’s straightforward and intelligent charger can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

Things to keep in mind while installing an EV charging station at home 🏡

  1. Hire a certified electrician to install Level 1 chargers 
  2. Obtain a permit to install an EV charger 
  3. Confirm the electric panel in your parking has space
  4. Check for safety measures if required

Charging Time- What are the factors that affect charging frequency

Here is the list of factors which shows how frequently you should charge your EV battery.

The battery limit of an electric vehicle/vehicle chooses how frequently you really want to connect the charger.
The recurrence of charging really relies on how frequently to utilize your vehicle everyday. The more you drive, the more you need to charge to prepare for future trips.
By overnight charging, you can have a fully charged electric vehicle without having to stop for fuel.
EV batteries lose charge faster in cold weather. Therefore, in the winter, you must charge more frequently.

How much does electric vehicle charging cost you at home in India?


There are two factors when it comes to the cost of setting up EV charging station at home.

  • Electric vehicle battery capacity
  • The cost per unit of energy received from an electric service provider in your state

The electricity cost per kWh is different in the states of India. The approx range is between Rs 8 to Rs 10 and the battery capacity of EVs in India is between 20kWh and 45 kWh. Therefore, it is advisable to check the cost of electricity at your home and calculate the charging cost accordingly. 

Why Set up an EV Charging Station at your property?

If you are a property owner or operator, hosting an EV Charging Station holds tremendous advantages for you.

  • Employee Benefit
  • Future-ready
  • Increase in Footfalls
  • Additional Income
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer stay longer

Employee Benefit:

Workplace charging for plug-in charging vehicles is a boon to employees. Employers can increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric and help employees adopt advance technology without hassle. Rise in fuel cost has significantly triggered people to commute less through fuel vehicles. Looking at the fuel price hike, people are switching to electric mode of transportation.

Employers installing workplace charging must decide how much employees will pay for the charging station used. Many existing workplace provides charging programs free for employees. However, it is important to develop a fees structure to increase the perception of fairness. Charging fees can help offset capital and operational costs associated. Proper workplace charging implementation increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric vehicle among employees.

EVs are the future:

EVs are the way of the future, and the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is always going up. The ascent in cost makes EVs the best substitution choice. As a result, the Indian government has developed its own strategies to encourage internet users to switch to electric vehicles. The installation of EV charging stations within close proximity makes this possible.

Every major manufacturer, including Tata, Hyundai, MG Motors, and Mahindra, has developed their own electric vehicle models. Electric buses, scooters, and bikes have been developed by well-known manufacturers like Hero, TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, and Revolt. The rising demand for charging demonstrates the enormous potential profits for upcoming EV hosts. A sharp rise in the public charging base is indicated by an increase in demand.

Increase in footfalls:

However, installing EV charging stations at your hotel or resort or on your property has numerous advantages. If public EV charging is installed, charging stations will draw customers who pay more, both guests and non-guests. Compared to non-EV drivers, EV drivers typically have higher levels of education and wealth.

The fact that people who care about sustainability and this service will appreciate it is one of the greatest advantages. Your potential guests will be aware that they are welcome there and will travel without worrying about charging stations if you advertise EV charging stations on your website. The guest will stay for a longer period of time, upgrade plans, and take advantage of premium service if all benefits are available in one location, resulting in an overall increase in revenue for the hotel or restaurant.

Additional Income:

Earn passive income by installing an EV charging station at your home or commercial property. Electric vehicle charging is a trending technology and people are looking at smart e-mobility solutions to earn more.

Customer Satisfaction:

Install an electric vehicle charging station at your commercial property to add value to your brand and a satisfied customer is a brand advocate

Customer stay longer:

Electric vehicle charging takes time. At the point when an EV client stops at your charging station to charge his vehicle he ll stay there for a more extended time frame. Install an electric vehicle charging station on your commercial property and transform it into a restaurant or hotel to generate additional revenue. The number of customers who stop to charge will rise as a result of this addition, and those who do so will likely stay for longer.

How to apply for EV charging station in India – Government Guidelines

The ministry of power published revised consolidated guidelines and standards for charging infrastructure on January 14, 2022. The guidelines are intended to expedite India’s adoption of electric vehicles and manage and monitor issues with EV charging. The planning makes sure that the infrastructure and eco-system for charging EVs are secure, dependable, accessible, and affordable. The guidelines and data are from the article that the ministry of power and Niti Aayog shared.

Key highlights of the government guidelines on Set up an EV Charging Station

Utilizing the existing electricity connections, electric vehicle owners and users can now charge their vehicles at home and work.
The stringent compliance requirements for public EV charging stations have been simplified. In metropolitan areas, public EV charging stations will be connected within seven days, in other municipal areas within fifteen days, and in rural areas within thirty days.
The state government will decide and set the maximum service fee that charging stations can charge.
Up until March 31, 2025, the “average cost of supply” would not exceed the single-part tariff that would be applied to the supply of electricity to public EV charging stations.
Any power generation company can supply electricity to public EV charging stations or chains of EV charging stations through open access.
In collaboration with State Nodal Agencies, BEE would create and maintain a national online database of all public EV charging stations. Public EV charging stations would be required to join forces with at least one online Network Service Provider to enable advanced remote/online booking of EV owners’ charging slots.
In a grid measuring 3 km by 3 km, there must be at least one EV charging station available. Additionally, one EV charging station will be installed on each side of highways and roads every 25 kilometers.
The guidelines envision a phased installation of EV charging infrastructure for megacities and large cities.

Understand the dynamics of hosting EV charging stations in India

Cost of setting up an EV charging station, including the cost of electricity, software, and infrastructure costs, as well as the cost of advertising and power, justifies the investment in a EV charging station.

How to Set Up An EV Charging Station at your property?

Select the reasonable Charger Blend: An electric vehicle (EV) user traveling from Delhi to Jaipur may choose a property with a fast-charging station to charge the vehicle while he or she eats lunch because he or she has different goals when visiting different types of properties. On the other hand, once in Jaipur, the same person who uses an electric vehicle might look for a hotel with a destination charging facility so that the vehicle can be charged while they sleep. As a result, property owners need to know what EV owners want and choose the right mix of chargers. Check for incentives and policies on EV charging: If a state has a positive EV charging policy, it will pay less for the electricity needed for a charging station than it would at a typical commercial rate. Providing EV users with power that is dependable, uninterrupted, and cost-effective also requires an understanding of the policies and regulations.
Choose the right companion: Once you understand the fundamentals of a charging station, you need to find the right partner who will not only install the station but also assist you in promoting it, achieving the desired visibility among EV users, and successfully operating and maintaining the station throughout its lifespan.

So What’s is the right mix of chargers ?

The right combination of chargers is the combination that meets the needs of EV visitors to your property with the least amount of money spent. Your chargers will have a high occupancy ratio as a result, maximizing revenue.

Additionally, our modular infrastructure enables you to continue incrementally expanding your charging infrastructure as your business expands. In addition, we install, operate, and maintain the chargers throughout their lifespan, making it easier for you to earn money. The demand for electric vehicle charging stations in India is rising in light of technological advancement and the explosion of the EV industry. Therefore, do not fall behind and seize this lucrative business opportunity.

Wrapping up: Set up an EV charging station

When you ask YoCharge to set up a charging station, our experts know how to work with your business, property, and location. If necessary, we also carry out a physical survey of the property to evaluate it. Following an in-depth analysis, we will first recommend the appropriate mix of chargers (KW rating, AC/DC, etc.) for your needs.

In addition, you have come to the right place if you are looking to set up an EV Charging Station Facility on your property, such as in a shopping center, hotel, restaurant, midway, or gas station. In the meantime, please send us a query using the form below, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we have a flexible investment plan to set up an EV charging station.

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