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Upskilling Sonalika Tractors – (ITL) Team in Electric Vehicle Tractors Technology with DIYguru

We are pleased to share the success story of our recent collaboration with Sonalika Tractors - International Tractors Limited (ITL) for specialized training in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. This comprehensive program covered key modules including EV basics, battery technology, electric motors, power electronics, vehicle dynamics, EV design, and maintenance.


Sonalika Tractors EV Training

DIYguru collaborated with Sonalika Tractors – International Tractors Limited (ITL) to provide a specialized training program focused on Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The training aimed to enhance the technical expertise of the ITL team, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the Electric Tractors, EV industry.

Training Modules and Topics Covered

The training program was designed to cover various critical aspects of Electric Tractors – EV technology, divided into theoretical sessions and practical workshops. The key modules included:

  1. Introduction to Electric Vehicles:
    • Overview of the EV industry, history, and future trends.
    • Basic components and functioning of EVs.
  2. Battery Technology:
    • Types of batteries used in EVs, their chemical composition, and management systems.
    • Battery safety, charging protocols, and lifecycle management.
  3. Electric Motors and Controllers:
    • Working principles of electric motors used in EVs.
    • Design and operation of motor controllers.
  4. Power Electronics:
    • Inverters, converters, and powertrain control systems.
    • Integration of power electronics with EV systems.
  5. Vehicle Dynamics and Control:
    • Dynamics of EVs, including acceleration, braking, and steering.
    • Control systems for enhancing vehicle stability and performance.
  6. EV Design and Simulation:
    • Software tools for EV design and simulation.
    • Practical projects on designing EV components.
  7. Maintenance and Diagnostics:
    • Routine maintenance procedures for EVs.
    • Diagnostic techniques for identifying and troubleshooting issues.
  8. Conversion of ICE to EV:
    • Processes and methodologies for converting internal combustion engine vehicles to electric.
    • Selection and integration of EV components.

Objectives and Outcomes of Training


  • To provide a foundational understanding of EV technology and its components.
  • To equip participants with practical skills in EV design, simulation, and maintenance.
  • To prepare the ITL team for future roles and projects in the EV sector.


  • Enhanced technical knowledge and practical skills in EV technology.
  • Successful completion of hands-on projects, including the conversion of ICE vehicles to EVs.
  • Increased readiness for ITL team members to contribute to the company’s EV initiatives.

Duration and Place

The training program was conducted over several weeks, with a blend of online theoretical sessions and practical workshops. The practical training sessions were held at DIYguru’s training center in New Delhi.

Participants Feedback

The training catered to various team members from ITL, including positive reviews from:

  • Krishan Kant, Engineer
    • Feedback: “The training provided a comprehensive understanding of EV technology, which is essential for our upcoming projects. The hands-on sessions were particularly beneficial.”
  • Kulwinder Singh, Market Analyst
    • Feedback: “Understanding the market dynamics of EVs and the technical knowledge gained has been invaluable. This will help us make informed decisions in our strategic planning.”
  • Ishan Chotani, Technical Specialist
    • Feedback: “The detailed modules on battery technology and power electronics were excellent. The practical application of these concepts has improved my technical expertise significantly.”
  • Mahavir Sharma, Design Engineer
    • Feedback: “Designing and simulating EV components was the highlight of the training for me. It has opened new avenues for innovation in our design processes.”
  • Gaurav Sharma, R&D Specialist
    • Feedback: “The training has equipped me with the skills to diagnose and maintain EV systems effectively. This knowledge is crucial for our R&D efforts.”


The collaboration between DIYguru and ITL showcases DIYguru’s commitment to advancing EV education and training. Through a structured curriculum and practical training sessions, DIYguru successfully enhanced the capabilities of the ITL team, preparing them for the dynamic and evolving EV industry. This initiative underscores the importance of continuous learning and skill development in driving innovation and career growth in the field of electric vehicles.


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