Electric Vehicle Workshop

6 years ago

Electric Vehicle Workshop

Future of EV Market

After announcing massive renewable energy targets, the country has set yet another ambitious target – to move to 100 per cent electric vehicle (EV) sales by 2030. The National Mission on Electric Mobility Plan (NEMMP) is aimed at achieving the sale of 6-7 million hybrid and electric vehicles every year from 2020 onwards. As the Indian government gears up to aggressively promote electric vehicles across the country, companies that offer charging infrastructure have also been attracted to potentially one of the largest EV markets in the world.

Electric cars are seen as the sustainable future of transport. But they are only truly sustainable if the electricity used to charge them comes from sustainable sources and not from fossil fuels.

Objective :

To learn design and manufacturing of an Electric Car.


Participants will be made to understand and solve various industry grade case studies and engineering problems.


The course and workshop are open to Faculty Members, Students from Engineering Colleges / Polytechnics and Practicing Engineers from Industries and R&D Institutions. Seats are limited.

Why should you attend?

  • Exposure to industry practices
  • Introduction to latest trends in EV Industry
  • Case studies from real industrial problems
  • Live demonstration of different EV Components by trainers
  • Career Opportunities in EV Industry

Workshop Curriculum : 

  • Upon Request (Email us to

Workshop Registration Fee:

Practicing Engineers: Rs. 3,500/-

Faculty Members: Rs. 3,000/

Students: Rs. 1,500/

Contact Details

We have compiled a list of FAQs to help you find answers to your queries quickly. You can view them here. If your query is not answered by our FAQs, please contact us with options below. We will get back to you as early as possible.
Phone: 011-40365796 (10AM – 8PM; Mon-Sat)

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