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DIYguru Fellowship

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DIYguru is a well-established team of Innovators, Designers and Marketing enthusiasts who are redefining the way of accessing interesting information on upcoming Industrial sectors such as an Electric vehicle, 3D printing for Manufacturers, Delivery drones and more. Well, what does that means! DIYguru is a 3-year-old startup, pioneering its way by developing the latest and the most advanced courses, specifically designed for penetrating upcoming job sectors or the so-called “Jobs of the recent future”. Interestingly, all DIYguru courses are online, keeping the ease of learning and the ease of access to potential information reasonable for its cost. For those who want more, DIYguru introduced on-ground training workshops in September 2017 and we have never looked back since then.



Every year we introduce new roles to passionate undergrads, grads, and postgraduates enrolled in Indian Universities or graduates(2017 and after) working on bigger impacts and give them a chance to showcase their potential to a much bigger and mature audience. Well, this benefit comes handy with our 6-month fellowship program where we will give you a chance to become a lifelong part of DIYguru, (A DIYguru Fellowship) where everything will be about growing the best out of you. You will have tasks of working on interesting topics, receive training from our best Talents, build a strong profile in both aspects(knowledge and confidence), and then your roles will be defined to share this knowledge with our esteemed audiences. Sounds interesting? There’s more.


This is a Paid fellowship, that means you would be receiving a monthly stipend for working on your missions. Interested in joining the Fellowship? Pack up your bags and get ready for this amazing journey of becoming a DIYguru Fellow!

Apply now:

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The DIYguru Fellowship selection is a 4 stage process-

Stage 1: Form submission & analysis

Stage 2: Work submission based on a week long Project

Stage 3: Telephonic and/or Skype session

Stage 4: In-person discussion and selection finalization.

Through this 4 staged process, further details will be shared with applied enrollments only, as we keep this selection process specific to the highest potential candidates.


Once selected, your first task will be examining your domain of expertise and taking responsible actions for the DIYguru audience. Your responsibilities will include smoothening the learning curve and raising highlights as a concerned learner. You will be taught the most important keysets for performing like an asset to a team without a name, while sometimes you will become the Jack of all trades for your team and try your hands on sectors never touched before. Don’t worry, we will make sure you come out all great 🙂


Application is strictly for students at least in their third year (3rd) of college-Undergrad or above, to apply for the Fellowship or the application would be rejected. What matters most for us is your passion for the future!

For more details: Visit – fellowship@diyguru.org


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