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Maker’s India is a strategic nation building initiative to engage leaders who can guide and mentor students in 900+ DIY Labs that DIYguru has established/is in the process of establishing across India. We are looking for leaders who can spend 1 – 2 hours every week in one or more such labs and enable students to experience, learn and practice future skills such as Automotive design and computational thinking.

These labs are non-prescriptive by nature, and mentors are expected to be enablers rather than instructors.

Possible areas of contribution could be, but not limited to:

a) Technical Knowhow: building prototypes,
b) Innovation and Design: inculcating solution oriented approach,
c) Inspirational: leadership and self-motivation, and
d) Business and Entrepreneurship: encouraging ideas and team building
e) Sounding board / guide, break stereotypes and bias to bring about mind set and behavioral change

Application open for :

#Automotive Trainers  (Part Time / Full Time) who can train students, professionals with hands-on (Practical) Workshops / Training in Automotive Domain particularly Vehicle Design/ Dynamics, Manufacturing of Commercial Cars, Engine Mapping, Data Aquisition, Electric Vehicle, ATVs, Formula Cars & Go Karts can apply here –

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