Technical Sales (B2B / B2C) Certification Course

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In today’s complex and competitive industrial environment, the sales professionals who succeed are those with great technical sales skills and knows how to apply a consultative or need-based selling approach.

Our specialized training is specifically designed to enable professional growth and career development. It is designed to support your learning needs, master a successful B2B & B2C sales approach, enhance your productivity, gain confidence and effectiveness.

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Learn about the role of sales officer and the essentials of technical sales—an exciting new career for anyone with technical know-how and the people skills to close a deal.

Salespeople sell the product. Developers build the product. Sales people bridge the gap. Sales engineering, also known as technical sales, is an in-demand and well-paid role. But many people don’t know the job even exists. This course introduces the role and responsibilities of the sales engineer, along with the main concepts of technical sales. It is designed for salespeople who want to enter Silicon Valley and the engineers who want a more customer-oriented role. Instructor shows how to uncover business problems, link those problems to your solution, and present it to the customer for consideration. He also provides tips for making an effective sales pitch. Start watching to learn more about this exciting new sales career.

Module – Sales 101

-Domain, roles, responsibilities, skills &
career pathway
-Types of sales & types of selling. 10
effective sales techniques backed by research
-Introduction to different industries (Ed-tech,
BFSI, E-commerce, etc.) sales processes

Module – Sales Process

-Sales funnel & 5 stages of the sales funnel
Prospecting & 5 prospecting methods
-10 critical mistakes to avoid during prospecting
& sales

Module – Lead generation & pitch

-Building your network, cold calling, introductory
emails, and proactive pursuit
-Qualifying prospects, listening and asking
questions, and acing the meetings
-Talking about your competitors

Module – Closure

-Presenting like a pro
Going above & beyond and delighting clients
-Powerful Sales Toolkit – Salesforce & Zoho CRM


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