List of Authentic Websites for Searching Jobs and Posting your Resume

List of Authentic Websites for Searching Jobs and Posting your Resume

In India:


Managerial Jobs

Focuses only on high level management jobs. Examples: and

Social Network

Good for passive candidates. There is no competitor for LinkedIn at the moment. But Facebook is also working on it.

Niche Job Sites

These are focused on specific skills set or domains. For example, AngelList focuses on startups, HasjobStackoverflow Jobs, and TechGig focus on technical jobs.

Challenge Based Job Sites

These websites pose competition to candidates and make the results available to companies. For example HackerRankHackerEarth, and CodeFightsKaggleonly has competition as well as a job board. also fall into the same category.

If you are looking into a bit wider range of jobs, Yourstory gives a very good platform

One site that I have seen very people using, but its really an impressive resource is

Job Aggregator

The aggregators are job search engines. They crawl jobs posted on other job boards, company websites etc. Advantage: Will have a better coverage. Examples: IndeedSimply etc.

Depending on the role you are looking for you can find awesome jobs on these platforms

  • CutShort – Free to post jobs and for great jobs in product companies anywhere in India
  • – Free to post jobs and great to find tech jobs in early stage startups of Bangalore
  • LinkedIn – Post a job for Rs. 1700 and apply to any job you can find
  • Facebook Groups – Early stage startups put their requirements in facebook groups. Simply search “Startup job <city>” in facebook search and join those facebook groups to be updated of new opportunities in startups
  • Hiree – Now acquired by Quikr
  • Hirist – Tech jobs in Delhi


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