India EV Story Emerging Opportunities : Innovation Norway

4 years ago

India EV Story Emerging Opportunities : Innovation Norway

There are strong indicators from various policy makers in India to keep focus on EVs and to look at other low carbon options such as Methanol, CNG etc.

A new source of power demand in the form of Electric Vehicles will be beneficial for the power sector and may lead to stable demand and a ‘paying customer segment’ Fuel Security Risks India currently depends on large scale imports of crude to meet most of its mobility fuel needs India can save 64% of passenger mobility related energy demand in 2030 by pursuing a shared, electric & connected solution.

Emerging Opportunities Niti Ayog Plan Planned approach to mobility transformation Elements of India’s mobility transformation OPPORTUNITY AREAS NEW MOBILITY PARADIGM Assembling the pieces System integration Mobility as a service Interoperable transport data Shared Building the ecosystem Shared infrastructure development Mobility-oriented development Vehicle-grid integration Electric Creating the supply Scaled manufacturing Product manufacturing Electric vehicle deployment Connected Systems integration: Enabling wide-scale adoption of mobility solutions through ubiquitous availability and sharing of interoperable transport data.

Mahindra Electric started their journey in to the EV space in 2001 by launching Mahindra Reva, India’s first electric car. Some key features of this firm are: The first and pioneer in the Electric Vehicles in India The company is selling around 180-200 units per month across India in all models. Since 2010, Mahindra electric has 7000 customers under EV segment and has completed over 50 million miles of Electric vehicle driving in India Mahindra Electric has partnered with a Corporate Fleet firm – Lithium and provides Electric Corporate fleet services in Bengaluru. The Nano EV could be the first electric car that the automaker launches in India, followed by the Tigor and Tiago electric vehicles.

Electric car charging infrastructure is at its infancy in India, and the government is fast stepping up its efforts to roll out charging stations. Feedback Consulting helps firms to achieve their business goals in India in terms of Go To Market, Expanding offerings in India, Partner identification and many more.

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