Electric Vehicle Summer Training 2023

5 years ago

Electric Vehicle Summer Training 2023

DIYguru will be imparting Industrial Training, Internships, Fellowship and Job opportunity for young and dynamic automotive enthusiasts willing to upskill and improve their resume for building their future in Automotive Industry specially, Electric Vehicles for which the Indian market is now open to recruit 10 lakh engineers by 2025.
Following are the ways, you can get involved with us.
  • Summer Internship
For Students / Professional undergoing UG / Graduate / PG / Polytechnic and related engineering courses.
  • Fellowship Program
For students and professional applying to study for MS / MBA programs in foreign university.
  • Part-Time / Full Time Trainer
For Students and Professionals having a work experience of 2+ years in Automotive Industry or have participated in SAE Competitions.
  • Industrial Training Program

For Students / Professional undergoing UG / Graduate / PG / Polytechnic and related engineering courses.

  • Work in our Partner EV Companies

Open for students who have undergone DIYguru courses.

  • Electric Vehicle Retrofitting (DIY EV Conversion)

Who are we?

DIYguru is India’s First Maker’s Learning Platform for learners  providing online courses and classroom training in the Electric vehicle, Drones, Robotics, 3D Printing, Mixed reality & Automotive with expansion blueprint in IoT, Manufacturing AI, Satellite developments, Avionics, and aerospace courses, Summer training, and DIYlabs for colleges and Industries. Since 2014, We have consistently worked on teaching important skills and employability to Students of many colleges in India and abroad.

Currently serving as the official Skill partners for EV Summit (NITI Ayog), having Maruti Suzuki and Robert Bosch employees as our business associates and clientele and expanding. Addressing the Make-in-India initiative by our Hon’ble PM, we’ve launched our platform on a national scale with Maker’s Campaign covering 40+ engineering colleges every year to make students and academic delegates aware of fundamental skill requirements and driving innovation environment at all locations we visit.

All our workshops are designed and developed by trainers with a combined experience of 25+ years of hands-on practice in teaching and building various prototypes. We assure you that our training curriculum is the best in the country and covers all aspects of student-centered learning. In addition, we have delivered our workshop & training to more than 15,000 engineering students with hands-on practical workshops and prepared them in getting to top ranks in various national level competitions and getting trophies for their colleges.

Note: All the internships are paid as courses and training happens from DIYguru Instructors and the money you pay goes to instructors as salary for their time and effort.

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