Kuhoo EduFintech and DIYguru partner for mobility education financing

Kuhoo EduFintech and DIYguru partner for mobility education financing

About DIYguru:

DIYguru is the prominent future mobility upskilling platform and leading EV Technology Course provider in India. Started in 2016, it has played a significant role in providing talents to the manufacturing industry by giving intensive training for students in automobile engineering and the like. The learners at DIYguru will acquire practical knowledge and job-ready skills through various hands-on training and a real-time industry environment. DIYguru also works with companies and universities to upskill their workforce and students respectively. More than 30 universities and 128 companies worldwide resort to DIYguru to provide training and upskilling for the students and employees. 

DIYguru, the E-Mobility upskilling platform which got approval from National Education Alliance for technology, AICTE in 2020 & Automotive Skills Development Council, Govt. of India for upskilling one million people in Future Mobility by 2025 has joined hands with Karnataka Govt. & Tata Technologies with an investment of 4320 Cr.

With the move to broaden it’s reach and accessibility, the platform has recently announced it’s partnership with Kuhoo

About Kuhoo:

How this collaboration is going to help students:

Future of E-Mobility upskilling in India.

As the world currently observes an evident shift towards the EV/Hybrid domain, industries have an inevitable choice to transform their operations into the green energy sector. With such strong urge to reduce dependency on petroleum-based automobiles, further re-enforced by the government policies, industries are constantly working on to upskill their employees. However, the primary issue with EV oriented training is the interdisciplinary behaviors of EV domain. While electric vehicle is an encapsulated version of electrical and mechanical sectors, it involves sufficient level of analytics, requires proper practical exposure, demands software-based training, and expects enough hands-on experience. Narrowing down the approach to the Indian EV transformation, this transformation is explicitly facing the issue of ‘sufficient training opportunities. While several institutes provide training courses in these domains, there was no significant training solution which is specifically designed for working professional. Moreover, while good level of attention is imparted to the online training, no progress is observable in the sector of ‘EV practical and LIVE training’, which is one of the primary objectives for working professionals. To target these loopholes, DIYguru, is association with ASDC and AICTE, Govt. of India successfully launched ‘EV Nanodegree program’, with the possibility to provide all three access to the enrolled candidates: Offline, Online and Blended. While the offline program includes regular weekly technical classes at the DIYguru Center of excellence at Pune and Delhi locations, it also covers the other sectors of EV, namely: Business opportunities in EV, Government policies and etc.

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