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Empowering India's Electric Vehicle Revolution: Our Commitment to National Initiatives

Aligned with India’s vision for a sustainable future, we proudly support initiatives like Skill India, NEMMP 2020, FAME India, and Digital India, contributing to the nation’s journey towards technological innovation and skilled empowerment in the Electric Vehicle sector

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Why this free training support initiative?

In a country as diverse and populous as India, economic disparities often limit access to quality education, especially in specialized, high-tech fields like e-mobility. Free education programs democratize access to this crucial knowledge, ensuring that individuals from all economic backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and grow in this emerging sector. By removing financial barriers, these programs promote equity in education, allowing talent and interest, rather than financial capacity, to dictate one’s ability to participate in the burgeoning EV industry.

E-mobility is not just a technological shift but a significant economic driver. By providing free education in this domain, India ensures that a larger portion of its population is equipped to contribute to and benefit from the economic opportunities this sector presents. This approach is key to inclusive economic development, ensuring that the shift to e-mobility does not widen existing economic divides but rather creates new opportunities for all sections of society.

India’s youth, comprising a substantial part of its population, stand at the forefront of this educational revolution. Free e-mobility programs equip them with skills that are increasingly relevant in a world moving towards sustainable transportation. This education is not just about jobs; it’s about preparing young minds for a future where they can actively contribute to and shape the technological landscape.

Access to free education in e-mobility opens doors to innovation and entrepreneurship. When individuals from varied backgrounds and perspectives gain knowledge in a cutting-edge field, they bring unique ideas and solutions. This diversity of thought is crucial for innovation. Free education programs can thus be seen as incubators for new ideas and businesses in the EV space, fostering a culture of creativity and problem-solving.

Education in e-mobility goes beyond technical skills; it encompasses a broader understanding of sustainability and environmental stewardship. As individuals learn about e-mobility, they become advocates for sustainable practices in their communities, driving a societal shift towards more eco-friendly choices. This grassroots-level change is crucial for long-term environmental sustainability.

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Promoted by the Automobile industry through Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) and Government of India represented by Department of Heavy Industry and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The automotive industry in India is undergoing a transformation because of its sustained growth and profitability.
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Join the journey of learning transformation with Learning Links Foundation
Transforming learning by unlocking its lifelong role and impact. We inspire true learning from an early age and create links to enable learning across different stages of life. Learning Links Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching lives through learning. We believe Learning is inherently progressive. When we equate learning with education alone, we’re more likely to focus on generating answers – which is limiting.
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Be a part of social motivation with Sai Sparsh
Sai Sparsh is a charitable trust that was established in January 2018, and it is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 with the registration number E-1189. As a charitable organization, our mission is to make a positive impact on society by undertaking various social initiatives and charitable programs that serve the community. The trust has 12A & 80G certifications.
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