Electric Vehicle Marketing & Business Course

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Certification – ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council), Govt. of India

Course Duration – Flexible Learning

Eligibility Criteria – For Entrepreneurs, Startups. Minimum Educational Qualifications: 12th Pass. Minimum age 18 years, No Upper Age bar


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DIYguru , India’s first E-Mobility Learning Platform brings you this course in Electric Vehicle Business Management for Entrepreneurs in this fast-moving Electric Vehicle Market certified by Automotive Skills Development Council, Govt. of India offering a startup and business-friendly course to make you or your organization flourish in this new age of EV  market.


Our expert faculty members take session on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) delivered through online live sessions.  Trainers will discuss in each class session about Key concepts, whiteboard calculation, design, costing, documentation, case studies and real life examples. Students also get chance to clarify their doubts / business clarifications. If by any chance you miss these live classes, don’t worry, each class recorded sessions are uploaded in the DIYguru E-Library/LMS.

Hands-on Practical

We know that only theoretical knowledge by online or virtual classes is not sufficient to get full expertise. An individual needs practical exposure to flourish in a Job or business market.
So we offer practical session at DIYguru Lab/Workshop after completion of the live interactive online classroom session.

Teaching and Learning Material

DIYguru have dedicated online library (DIYguru E-Library) facility for students and stored all Learning Material (E-book, class recording, business releated documents) at DIYguru E-Library.
DIYguru E-Library System provides access to more than 100 + e-books covering all fields of knowledge, e.g. EV Battery – BMS, Charging Station Design, Installation, Government rules, and Business opportunity, etc, and also we have a huge collection of national and international journals, case studies, research papers. Students can access this E-library for self-study.

Medium of Instruction:



Course Coverage

The potential adoption of EVs in the Indian market will lead to multiple business opportunities across the EV value chain. This workshop aims to unfold the untapped EV market in India to help potential investors and service/manufacturing organizations to understand the technology as well as the business model.

Market Scenario

  1. Global Market
  2. India Market
  3. Key players and their strategies
  4. Value chain and landscape
  5. Opportunities

Specific EV Opportunities Explored

  1. EV 2-Wheeler/3-Wheeler/4-Wheeler Fleet
  2. EV leasing
  3. E-Bus (Intra-city) model
  4. Public charging in India
  5. Battery swapping, battery storage, and bulk charging
  6. Battery Recycling
  7. At-Home charging
  8. Solar integrated EV charging
  9. Battery pack and cell manufacturing
  10. Charge point Network Services

Why should you take this course?

  1. Understand the global and Indian market scenario related to Electric Vehicles
  2. Understand the business opportunities in the field of EVs and EV support equipment
  3. Identify new product development, technology partnership, markets for your business
  4. Evaluate EV market for diversification
  5. Become conversant at EV and EV supporting technologies

Who should attend?

Companies, SMEs and individuals in the following sectors can benefit:

Manufacturers of electrical equipment, Batteries, Chargers, Cables, Transformers, Switchgear, Relays, electrodes, electrolytes, copper, Insulation, Plugs and sockets.

Oil, gas and plastics companies, lubricant manufacturers, individual components and spare parts manufacturers of the automotive industry

Electronic Companies specializing in DC charging, LVDC, Renewable energy, Energy storage.

Automobile Components Manufacturers, engine component, transmission components, automobile cooling equipment, upholstery manufacturers

Solar panel manufacturers, solar energy contractors and consultants, Suppliers of supporting equipment for solar panels like invertors, meters, cables, energy storage etc.

Solar panel manufacturers, solar energy contractors and consultants, Suppliers of supporting equipment for solar panels like invertors, meters, cables, energy storage etc.

Owners of Private parking, Real estate, SEZ, Business Parks, Petrol pump, Large Cab services.

Researchers and students of engineering field interested in the EV sector.

Power distribution officials working in electrical generation, transmission or distribution.


About DIYguru – Back in Oct. 2016, we started as a future mobility learning platform for engineers from IIT Delhi and since then it has been 4 years improvising our contents and mentoring students and professionals across the globe. Our business courses are taken by more than 75+ companies across the globe with the management teams from Bosch, Hyundai, Ampere Electric, Maruti Suzuki to name a few. We thanks everyone, students, professionals, academicians, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts who have been a part of the DIYguru community and have been contributing actively with their feedbacks to improvise the contents of the course. The courses will have lifetime access with Nanodegree Certification

In this fast-moving Electric Vehicle Market, DIYguru is offering a startup and business-friendly course to make you or your organization flourish in this new age of innovation and disruptive E-Mobility market.

This course will deliver from basic to advance in the domain of Business opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry which encompasses –

  • Setting up Electric Vehicle Retroffiting Business
  • Service, Maintenace & Repair of Evs for EV Dealers
  • Homologation of Electric Vehicle (Testing & Infrastructure)
  • Setting up charging station infrastructure.
  • Swappable Battery vs Fixed Battery (Separate Vehicle & Energy Business)
  • City Electric Bus Fleet on Opex Model
  • Multi-Modal Electric transportation solution in cities (auto, taxi, bus, metro)
  • Electric Shared Fleet (Ola & Uber)
  • Electric Fleet for delivery, E-Commerce services.
  • Electric retro-fitment solutions for the in-use vehicles.


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