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DIYguru expands Electric Vehicle workforce Training to Southeast Asia with Malaysia’s JV Skill

DIYguru has strengthened their international roots by joining hands with Malaysia’s JV Skills to achieve their vision of upskilling millions of people across the world in growing the Electric Vehicle Industry owing to the rise in demand of skilled workforce.


New Delhi: DIYguru collaborated with Malaysia’s JV skill and added one more partner in their journey and mission to upskill millions of people across the world by fostering e-mobility ecosystem which is seeing an uprise trend owing to the rise in demand of skilled manpower for design, development, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of electric vehicles.

With this collaboration, the organization is embarking on a path to inculcate the best of expertise from DIYguru and JV Skill to their learners in terms of industry standard safety practices across the national and international level.

JV Skill is a certified center of the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia and has been graded 5-Star by Department of Skills Development’s (DSD). Wherein DIYguru is India’s leading EV upskilling platform empanelled by NEAT AICTE (National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) as a Public-Private partnership model between the Government & Educational Company) under NEP 2020 of Ministry of Education Govt. of India and approved by ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council), Govt. of India.

“The Electric Vehicle industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and we believe not only students but everyone including professionals shall get prepared to mark their victory in this accelerating industry. Our presence in Malaysia will boost the growing-mobility  ecosystem in southeast asia” says Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh, CEO at DIYguru. “With our vision, we are sure that we will upskill millions of people across the world, and they will either be getting the best of opportunities, or they will be creating the right opportunities for others”

“In Malaysia, vocational and technical education is the focus of the government in RMK-10 and in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) because it is the way forward for our country to be competitive in this region. It has been proven that vocational or skill education has enabled graduates to secure jobs easily and their salaries are comparable to Diploma and Degree holders from Polytechnics and Institutes of Higher Learning. The skill education pathway provides an almost equal opportunity for anyone to pursue a skill qualification equivalent to Degree level.

In Malaysia, we may have the infrastructure however we lack a competent workforce. Hence the constant demand for skilled workforce in the industry. I believe that with this collaboration our students will be getting a cutting edge advantage in terms of content, research driven approach and entrepreneurship opportunity in Electric Mobility.” said  Dr Sugumaran Permul, CEO – JV Skill, Malaysia.

With this collaboration, DIYguru is all set to achieve the following:

  • Enhancing the electric vehicle training programs in relation to the international standards
  • Incorporating the best practices in the e-mobility solutions provided by DIYguru
  • Strengthening their Research and Development in the domain of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Facilitating the entire Indian and Malaysian market through EV industry workforce requirements.

DIYguru Electric Vehicle India Programme:

Makers Campaign 3.0 | Innovation labs | Institutional collaborations | Industrial partnerships | Hybrid Training | DIYLabs | ASDC impannelled programs | Hands on workshops | On Site training | Placement support (Dedicated job portal access) | DIYKits| Skill based training | ITI + Diploma training programs

The DIYguru is currently implementing its plan to enhance the employability, skills, and innovation among the participants. To achieve this motive, it is essential that DIYguru provides equal attention to the core competencies, EV oriented technical courses, hands on workshops for on-site training, and working with institutes/industries for the EV oriented Hybrid training with necessary placement support and innovation lab setup. In specific, DIYguru is launching the following initiatives:

  • Programme for ITI and Diploma professional catering to the rise in demand from EV industry for certified Technicians
    • It has been observed that the role of certified technicians is rapidly increasing, as India dwells into the market of EV domain. To meet this demand, DIYguru is launching dedicated EV intensive Hybrid Training with the affiliation of AICTE, Govt. of India and ASDC.
    • As a part of this initiative, the participants shall have the opportunity to work on intensive on site training, covering the core technical subjects as well as industry oriented workshop training. Here, Hybrid model signifies that the participants shall get the online + live classes as well as on-site classroom training. Along with these modules, the participants shall work on a dedicated 2 week workshop period, where they will work on the industry requirements, and involve themselves in practical experience as per the market requirements.
    • Finally, with each program, the participants shall have the access to a dedicated DIYguru EV job portal, where they can apply to 1000+ EV oriented professional jobs at the industry and research levels.
    • Electric Vehicle Programme for Marketing & Sales Professionals: With the current ongoing  rise in the launch of Electric Vehicles in India, there has been a shortage of upskilled Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing professionals at dealership and factory level. Catering to this DIYguru has launched a specialized course for such professionals which will make them aware of the technical details involved in EVs and guide on basic troubleshooting and maintainance / repair involved. 
  • DIY Labs for Engineering Colleges & Institutions
    • DIYguru is now closely working with industries and technical institutes as a collaboration , with the motive to set up EV labs for the engineering students and the engineer professionals.
    • Under this collaboration, while the partnered institute receives the full technical support from DIYguru for lab setup, the students shall receive the access to a series of complimentary workshops and training from the DIYguru technical team.  
    • Moreover, the students enrolled at the parered institutes shall get the necessary placement support, and the access to more 5 certification courses, with an overall duration of 12 weeks! This also provides the candidates the opportunity to work on Altair certification courses in collaboration with DIYguru.
    • The technical team of DIYguru ensures complete post setup support, where the technical support to the equipment and lab is provided to the institutes at no extra cost.
    • Lastly, the DIYguru ensures full training to the technical faculty such that the college staff could ensure efficient sustainability of the setup labs.
  • Maker’s Campaign
    • We’re pleased to inform you that DIYguru has decided to take the initiative to be a prominent part in making India one of the leading nations, in regard to the upcoming and ongoing “Electric Vehicle Revolution”
    • The main step behind every change is to support and target the future minds of the country, and with this, DIYguru has taken the initiative of providing colleges the accessibility to our entire package of Placement and Technical Support in the domain of Electric Vehicles FREE of cost as part of “Technical collaboration”. 
    • With zero monetary obligation from the colleges, DIYguru is ready to initiate the “Makers Campaign Program”, where we are warmly inviting engineering colleges for a “Technical partnership with DIYguru” and is happy to offer the following benefits, as a part of this partnership:
      • Free One-Day hands-on workshop
      • Personalized career counseling session
      • Job assistance through DIYguru’s Job Portal
      • Two-Day and Ten-Day Workshops at a discounted fee
      • Assistance in marketing communications & Support from DIYguru in technical events across the colleges
  • Internship Opportunity for Core Engineering Students:12 Week Electric Vehicle Product Design & Development (R&D) Internship 2022
    • DIYguru is inviting applications from students who must be pursuing or completed graduation and want to build their career in the Electric Vehicle Industry. Interested participants can choose their area of interest on DIYguru’s website and then proceed to the application form.
    • After submitting the application, they will get a call from DIYguru’s student success associates to guide them in choosing the right internship according to their interest and core domain. Once they get enrolled for the internship, they’ll be assigned to a dedicated mentor who will guide them through their courses and projects.
    • As the student joins this training + internship program, he/she gets access to EV core courses as well training on analytical skills, where they will work on Python based data analytics along with courses on data visualisation platforms. While going through the intensive training, students work on the internship project, where they implement their learning on industrial oriented projects along with necessary certification for DIYguru and partnered industries.
    • Programmes to choose from:
      • R&D Battery Intern
      • R&D CAD/CAE intern
      • R&D EV intern
  • Hiring Opportunities for Electric Vehicle Companies (
    • We have trained over 150+ Graduates over the past year alone, and more than 20 EV companies and startups have come in and hired our Alums. We provide the top 1% of EV engineers & Interns to the best technology companies in India for their hiring needs.
    • We can help you with your requirements for entry level & experienced engineers at no-cost and time-efficient way.
    • What we Offer :
      • Top 1% of Engineers with 400+ learning hours, 9+ courses, major and minor projects in EV domains.
      •  Absolutely no hiring fees for companies
      • Candidates ready to Join Immediately
      • Super quick interview process and availability of candidates.
    • Exclusive Job portal for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts (
      • To achieve the best possible solution for our candidates, DIYguru has come up with a dedicated EV job portal, where the candidates can work through thousands of EV jobs (updated on a daily basis), with the possibility to create their own profiles, sharabale with hundreds of recruiters across the country and globe.


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