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Top 10 Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India: Rev Up Your Ride Without Burning Fuel

The Indian electric vehicle market is thriving, with electric two-wheelers under 1 lakh offering diverse options for eco-friendly commutes. From the tech-savvy TVS iQube to the long-range Okinawa Praise Pro, and the performance-oriented Joy e-bike Monster, there's an electric bike for every need and budget. This guide highlights the top 10 options, making it easier for consumers to join the EV revolution and contribute to a greener future.

Top 10 electric bikes below 1 lakh in India

Table of Contents


The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is buzzing, and two-wheelers are leading the charge. Gone are the days of limited options and exorbitant prices. Today, a plethora of electric bikes under 1 lakh beckons eco-conscious riders seeking sustainable and stylish commutes.

Whether you’re a college student, urban professional, or delivery executive, there’s an electric bike perfectly suited for your needs and budget. But with so many choices, where do you start? Worry not, for this guide unveils the top 10 electric bikes under 1 lakh in India, each offering unique features and a thrilling EV experience.

Here are the top 10 electric bikes under 1 lakh in India:

TVS iQube:

Top 10 Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh

Combining premium design with advanced technology, the iQube boasts a 78 km range, spacious storage, and connected features. Perfect for tech-savvy urban riders seeking a comfortable and stylish ride. TVS iQube is a most popular electric bikes under 1 lakh in india.

Hero Electric NYX HX:

Hero, the veteran EV player, offers the NYX HX with a 100 km range and a sporty design. Its swappable battery system and affordable price make it ideal for daily commutes. Hero Electric NYX HX is one of the best electric bikes under 1 lakh in India.

Okinawa Praise Pro:

This feature-packed offering from Okinawa delivers a 160 km range, making it suitable for longer commutes. Its modern design, ample storage, and regenerative braking ensure practicality and a comfortable ride. Okinawa Praise Pro is a best electric bikes under 1 lakh in india.

Ampere Zeal EX:

Known for its ruggedness and affordability, the Zeal EX is perfect for navigating city traffic. Its 110 km range and spacious footboard provide a convenient and practical commuting experience.

Gemopai Astrid Lite:

If a sleek and stylish scooter is your preference, the Astrid Lite ticks all the boxes. Its 75 km range, modern design, and comfortable seating make it ideal for short commutes and errands.

Benling Aura:

This feature-rich offering boasts a 70 km range and boasts a stylish design. Its keyless start, anti-theft alarm, and spacious boot space cater to security and convenience.

PURE EV eTryst 350:

Designed for a comfortable ride, the eTryst 350 offers a 140 km range and ample legroom. Its connected features and comfortable seating make it perfect for longer commutes or leisure rides.

Komaki Ranger:

This stylish and robust offering delivers a 130 km range, making it suitable for both city commutes and weekend getaways. Its comfortable seating and spacious footboard ensure a pleasurable riding experience.

Joy e-bike Monster:

Built for power and performance, the Monster boasts a 100 km range and a top speed of 85 km/h. Its stylish design and comfortable seating make it perfect for thrill-seekers who prioritize performance.

Odysse Electric Evoqis:

This modern and feature-rich scooter offers a 100 km range and boasts a stylish design. Its keyless start, anti-theft alarm, and spacious boot space cater to security and convenience.

Choosing the Right Ride:

With so many options available, it’s crucial to consider your individual needs and preferences. Factors like range, design, features, comfort, and budget should all be weighed before making a decision. Take test rides to experience the bikes firsthand and ensure they align with your riding style.

Embrace the EV Revolution:

By choosing an electric bikes under 1 lakh, you’re not just getting a convenient and stylish ride; you’re contributing to a cleaner and greener future. With government incentives and falling battery costs, the EV revolution is gaining momentum, and it’s the perfect time to join the ride!

Top 10 Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India

Pricing Table:

Bike NamePrice (ex-showroom)RangeTop Speed
TVS iQube₹ 1.08 lakh78 km48 km/h
Hero Electric NYX HX₹ 86,490100 km55 km/h
Okinawa Praise Pro₹ 90,282160 km45 km/h
Ampere Zeal EX₹ 96,718110 km45 km/h
Gemopai Astrid Lite₹ 92,31775 km45 km/h
Benling Aura₹ 91,66770 km45 km/h
PURE EV eTryst 350₹ 99,999
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