The Electric Vehicle Challenge – Accenture Report

4 years ago

The Electric Vehicle Challenge – Accenture Report

The question of long-term viability has taken a back seat to a more immediate and pressing question for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – what approach is needed to succeed in today’s EV market? The answer is not without challenges. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs require a different value chain and processes to support them. Moreover, consumer perceptions of the practicality, functionality, and the potential advantages of EVs remain largely mixed in such areas as cost, savings, convenience, travel range, and charging infrastructure. To succeed in the current business environment, OEMs will need to adopt new strategies to realize the full potential of the evolving eMobility market. One important factor will be integrating and collaborating with a group of diverse players, such as utilities, charging infrastructure owners, and mobility providers in a new mobility ecosphere. To succeed in today’s EV market OEMs have to face various challenges as mentioned above. Therefore, Accenture has identified seven success factors for the eMobility market that will ensure its long-term viability:

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