Alumni Session with Nishanshu Digarsey (Product Specialist – EV, TATA Motors)

Alumni Session with Nishanshu Digarsey (Product Specialist – EV, TATA Motors)

Greetings from DIYguru!

It’s a pleasure to invite you for our Brand-new series Electrify with the Alumni”. We’re presenting an exclusive opportunity to interact with the DIYguru’s Alumni who are significantly contributing in the EV industry.

Mr. Nishanshu Digarsey, the Product Specialist EV at Tata Motors will be sharing his experience and the 5 steps to crack all the technical interviews.

The Electrify with the Alumni webinar will focus on the 4 important Is:

  • Interaction: Get an opportunity to increase with our Alumni in real-time while fostering clear communication. Save your time and get all your queries resolved at one place.
  • Information: Get all the e-mobility related information required such as, career opportunities in EV, most recent advancements, current challenges and much more.
  • Implication: Once gotten fully informed through the real-time interaction and information, get prepared to draw and apply meaningful inferences.
  • Improvement: Welcome a better you, who is now more informed, prepared, and knows the significance of EV and its implications.

So, we’ll deliver all the 4 Is with a motive to strengthening your EV Ties!

Session Details

????️ Date: 30th January 2022
⏰ Time: 4 PM Onwards
???? Platform: WebEx

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