The Global Data Analytics Market has witnessed strong, continuous growth in the past few years and is projected to continue this same path. With the help of data analytics, organizations can now leverage data to extract valuable insights, which are used to create actionable decisions. In the past few years, data analytics has been broadly used to empower organizations to make the most profitable business choices. A recent market study shows that the Data Analytics Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.08% from 2020 to 2023, which would equate to $77.6 billion. In 2019, the global analytics market was $49 billion worldwide, which is more than double the value four years ago. 

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PROGRAM Objective:

This program is the fourth step of the nano degree program on ‘Specialization in Data Analytics with PYTHON‘. The aim of this course is to make, a sufficient python developed, to work on, and tackle every future task of data analysis and manipulation. The modules have been designed in a way that the student could, in future, develop more interactive and better analytics algorithms in a completely interactive manner. The provided specialization understands the essential skills, and so, shall focus then on the SQL and database concepts. Here the student will understand more about databases, and will work and program multiple database tables with SQL and relevant commands.



What are the learning outcomes?

  • Work on the advanced sections of the programming language.
  • Implement their prior knowledge to work on a more complicate application of python programming.
  • Work and understand ‘regular expressions’ and extract any desired information from any size of textual data in a highly efficient.
  • Work and manage web requests and extract information from the online databases on a real-time basis.
  • Extract and process the information simultaneously using the knowledge of web access and regular expressions.
  • Work on the concept of OOP and build a solid foundation to make use of the capabilities of objects that are provided to us by Python and Python libraries.
  • To lean the concept of databases and connecting them with our program.
  • To work on the SQL and managing the databases with relevant SQL commands and syntax.

What will you learn?

The full course is divided into modules, with each module targeting some essential set of aspects.

  • Module 1: Regular expressions

    • Introduction
    • Matching character and implementing search operation
    • Data extraction
    • Simultaneous search and extraction
    • Character types
    • Summary
  • Module 2: Networks

    • Introduction
    • Working with HTTP
    • Data extraction using HTTP
    • Understanding ‘urlib’
    • Parsing HTML
    • Introducing better extraction techniques.
    • Summary
  • Module 3: Object-oriented programming

    • Introduction
    • Understanding OOP concepts
    • Working with larger datasets and files
    • Segregating and dividing into pieces
    • Objects
    • Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Summary
  • Module 4: SQL

    • Introduction
    • Understanding database concepts
    • Working with database tables
    • Structured Query Language
    • Database with SQLite
    • Real example sets
    • Keys
    • Retrieving data
    • Programming
    • Summary

What are the main highlights of the program?

  • Learn without a career break with online classes available 24*7.
  • One can access the course at their own pace, but with the investment of 3-5 hours/week, it can be finished within a month.
  • The program uses a Continuous Evaluation System that assesses the learners over convenient and regular intervals. Such a system provides timely and frequent feedback and helps busy working professionals stay on course with the program.
  • The education delivery method is a blend of classroom and experiential learning.

How to enrol?

  • Signup with your operational e-mail ID.
  • Select “(NP2001S4): PYTHON Advanced“.
  • Select “Take the Course“.
  • Apply coupon code if applicable.
  • Fill the required fields on the form.
  • Select your preferred payment gateway.
  • Pay the total amount.
  • Select “Start Course” and gear up on skilling mode.

Who should apply?

The program is designed for students or professionals who are:

  • Students are expected to have a basic understanding of PYTHON programming language
  • Students are assumed to have knowledge of loops and PYTHON coding style
  • Having a Diploma, BE / B.Tech or equivalent in domains such as Automotive, Mechanical, EEE, ECE, Instrumentation, Mechatronics.
  • Designing enthusiasts (No academic qualification mandatory)
  • Working in industries such as Automotive, Auto component, Design, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Working in Functional areas such as R&D, Analysis, Maintenance, Projects, component design, etc.
  • Interested in pursuing further studies on the part-time or full-time basis in Design and Engineering Sector.

What are the technical requirements?

The program to give its best will need the following requirements:

  • Computer/ Laptop will provide you with the best experience, but this program is quite compatible with smartphones to make it feasible for students worldwide.
  • High-speed internet for crystal clear experience, but this program can also run without buffering with below-average connectivity for reaching out to students from suburban and rural areas.
  • A student should make their notes for future reference.
  • Applicant should have basic knowledge about high-school physics, maths, and chemistry.
  • A student should have a compatible computer for PYTHON software so that they can practice with the progress of the course.



COMPETENCY Certificate 

DIYguru will feel proud to awards the certificate of competency in ‘PYTHON Advanced’ to only those aspirants who have 100% completed their online module.

DIYguru proficiency Certificate is highly valuable by industry giants namely Robert Bosch; Maruti Suzuki; Hyundai Motors, are the name of few, which is why DIYguru earned certificates are secured with a unique certificate ID. To check the validation of the certificate, check out the footer section of the home page.   

Certificate provided to you is an online certificate, which means there is no need to download, after completion of the course, aspirants are requested to check their profile to view their earned certificate. In case the certificate is not issued feel free to write us a [email protected], our team will help you out.






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