Event Overview

BAJA is the most prestigious and renowned Automotive engineering events conducted by SAE annually, where university students can use their theoretical knowledge in practice by designing and building an ATV buggy or a Formula student race car. The aim here is to take the students away from the traditional university education which is pretty theoretical and these events give an opportunity to use it in the practice. Participating in these events give you an upper hand on what you are going to see in the industry and the real world.

Baja SAE is an intercollegiate engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate engineering students. The object of the competition is to simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Each team is competing to have its design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. The students must function as a team to design, build, test, promote and compete for a vehicle within the limits of the rules, also to generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities.


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Program Objective

This course especially for those students who are willing to participate in either SAEINDIA BAJA Event or any other ATV Championship events, where student have to design and build there own All Terrian Vehicle from scratch. These events are not just a technical event but evets who test your technical and intellectual ability. Hence this course will help you out from designing your buggy to forming your team, from understanding rules to understanding responsibilities. This program will help you to understand the static as well as a dynamic event in a better way.

DIYguru presents a certification program on BAJA / ATV Virtuals Preparation Course. This program provides you with the most flexible learning environment possible. This program is offered as a self-paced program often referred to as asynchronous online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24X7 within the tenure of 30 days. This program can be accessed from multiple devices which make it easy to learn on the go. Lectures that are pre-recorded or slide presentation with voice-over commentary, interactive discussion boxes that foster student to student interaction, Email communication with the instructor are part of this process.

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Course Curriculum 

  1. Step 1
    • Project Plan Preparation
    • Rollcage
    • Welding
    • Roll Cage Analysis
    • Vehicle 3D View and Analysis
  2. Step 2
    • Suspension Analysis
    • Powertrain
    • Steering
    • Brakes
    • Theoretical Calculation
    • Optimization
    • Fatigue Analysis
  3. Step 3
    • Safety and Electricals
    • Innovation
    • DFME Analysis
    • Design Validation Plan
    • Cost and Weight Estimation
    • Research and Marketing
    • Team Formation

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Concepts on major sub-components design and analysis of an Automobile.
  2. If you are a novice and are curious to know about Automobile. you will get to learn and clear your doubts about the fundamental topics of Automobile which includes – Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Tyres, Chassis, Power Train. We will also be teaching you the importance, applications, and opportunities available in the Automobile industry. The latest Safety measures will be discussed in detail at the end of this course.
  3. Teamwork is one thing that we don’t want you to miss. In BAJA SAE Virtuals online course, we will be teaching you how to divide different roles in the team which work for a common goal starting from engineering, design all the way to drive through going about the marketing professionals.
  4. Now, because our team is specialized in BAJA SAE events we will be discussing in details over the topics like -Design Failure Mode Effective Analysis, Design Validation Plan, Project Plan, Vehicle Analysis and Costing.

Main Highlights

  1. Learn without a career break with online classes available 24*7.
  2. One can access the course at their own pace, but with the investment of 3-5 hours/week, it can be finished within a month.
  3. The programme uses a Continuous Evaluation System that assesses the learners over convenient and regular intervals. Such a system provides timely and frequent feedback and helps busy working professionals stay on course with the programme.
  4. The education delivery method is a blend of classroom and experiential learning.
  5. Students enrolling in this program can get a 20% special scholarship on the SAE Event focused courses such as ANSYS, Multi-Body Dynamics, Suspension Analysis, Solidworks and many more.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is designed for students or professionals who are:

  1. Students who are willing to participate in the SAEINDIA BAJA Event.
  2. Students who want to know about the SAEINDIA BAJA Event.
  3. Students who are willing to participate in any ATV Championship across INDIA.
  4. Students who are an enthusiast in designing and building ATV.
  5. Students who are planning to make any projects which are related to ATV.

Technical Requirements

The program to give its best will need the following requirements:

  1. Computer/ Laptop will provide you with the best experience, but this program is quite compatible with smartphones to make it feasible for students worldwide.
  2. High-speed internet for crystal clear experience, but this program can also run without buffering with below-average connectivity for reaching out to students from suburban and rural areas.
  3. A student should make their notes for future reference.
  4. A student should have basic knowledge about high-school physics and chemistry, even though the pre-requisite of this program will brush up one’s basic concepts.



Competency Certificate

DIYguru will feel proud to awards the certificate of competency in “BAJA / ATV Virtuals Preparation “ to only those aspirants who have 100% completed their online module.

DIYguru proficiency Certificate is highly valuable by industry giants namely Robert Bosch; Maruti Suzuki; Hyundai Motors, are the name of few, which is why DIYguru earned certificates are secured with a unique certificate ID. To check the validation of the certificate, check out the footer section of the home page.   

Certificate provided to you is an online certificate, which means there is no need to download, after completion of the course, aspirants are requested to check their profile to view their earned certificate. In case the certificate is not issued feel free to write us a certificate@diyguru.org, our team will help you out.






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Course Curriculum

Course Intro 00:03:24
Course Introduction Quiz 00:15:00
Project Planning
01. Project Plan Presentation 00:02:55
A project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project
Roll Cage
Roll Cage Design (CAD) 00:45:00
Solidworks Weldments FREE 00:56:28
CAE Analysis of BAJA Rollcage – Hyperworks 08:30:00
Static Anlysis of BAJA Car Frame using ANSYS 01:03:24
Welding 00:16:16
MIG Welding 00:34:04
TIG Welding 01:29:01
Suspension History 00:02:28
Suspension Explained 00:50:11
Suspension & It’s Components 00:11:00
Suspension 00:10:00
Adams/Car for Academic Vehicle Simulations 01:00:00
Scope of Vehicle Dynamics Analysis using Adams Car 00:05:00
How do you open the mini baja template in ADAMS/Car? 00:15:00
SRT Front Suspension modeling in Adams Car 00:55:00
How to do suspension dynamics analysis in ADAMS/CAR 00:30:00
Suspension Solidworks Model 00:10:00
Suspension Analysis 00:15:00
Wheel Alignment 00:14:00
Suspension Design Report 00:10:00
Create a Suspension Design Report and send it to bajatutor@gmail.com 00:00
Suspension Slide in PPT : Essentials 00:05:00
Roll Stability Control (RSC) 00:02:00
Videos : Steering Explained 00:37:00
Steering & Suspension Training Animation 00:00:00
HOW IT WORKS: Power Steering 00:12:55
How to Change ATV Ball Joints 00:04:15
Calculations : Steering 05:00:00
PPT Essentials : Steering 00:05:00
Further Reading : Steering 00:05:00
Automatic vs Manual Transmission 00:07:46
Understanding CVT 00:09:48
Powertrain Design Reports FREE 00:05:00
Powertrain 00:05:00
Transmission : FAQ’s 00:02:00
How Car Brake Works 00:02:29
Brakes : Animation 00:09:05
Brakes Training Animation 00:00:00
How Disc Brakes Works? 00:07:47
How to rebuild your master cylinder Disassembly and Assembly 00:14:04
BRAKES QUIZ 00:10:00
Body and Chassis : Optimization 00:02:27
Operation of Cars 00:00:00
Safety & Electricals
Car Electrics Training Animation 00:08:31
Air Bags and Seat Belts : Explained FREE 00:03:41
Driving Techniques 00:03:51
Radar Cruise Control (RCC) – with stop and go – Innovation 00:01:15
Safety : Innovation 00:03:00
Smart City Brake Support : Innovation 00:00:45
Diesel Engines : Innovation 00:02:56
Adaptive LED Headlamps : Innovation 00:01:48
Traction Control System (TCS) : How It Works? 00:01:15
Transmissions – Innovation 00:02:26
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 00:02:30
Engine – Innovation 00:03:08
Lane-keep Assist System : Innovation 00:01:16
Energy Efficient : Innovation 00:01:59
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) 00:02:38
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) : Explained FREE 00:02:37
Design Validation
9. Design Verification & Validation – Explained 00:03:26
Cost & Weight Estimation
Business Plan Presentation : BAJA & FSAE 00:12:29
Research & Marketing
Research & Marketing : Automotive Competitions 00:11:00
Sample BAJA Virtual PPT 00:05:00
Further Reading 00:10:00
Files Part-1 00:30:00


Course Reviews


12 ratings
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  1. Outstanding!


    I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.

  2. Well Arranged Course


    Helped a lot 🙂

  3. Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast


    As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV

  4. learnt So much


    learnt so many things development of ATV

  5. Helped me channelize my time and effort


    The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.

  6. helped me lot.


    Course was nice to learn more about ATV and data helped me lot.

  7. learned a lot


    Great information and great structure. Incredibly an effective training by a down to earth instructor.

  8. Impressed


    DIYguru’s course is a good springboard for the traditional learners.

  9. Great


    The training was absolutely great. I have been doing stuff for more than a year, but got lot of areas clarified. I learned many things that I would like to try with my team. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

  10. Excellent


    I had enrolled for the course from DIYguru. It was an online classroom course. DIYguru has great trainer with good experience in teaching. Training material prepared by DIYguru was also excellent.

  11. HAPPY!!


    DIYguru’s course content is designed in a way that every session is closely connected to the next. There is no need to mug up the lessons. The instructors put thought into training and motivating students. I am really happy I joined the course.

  12. Satisfactorily


    I have attended the program from DIYguru. The concepts were well explained and the sessions were useful. All questions were answered satisfactorily. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to get to the depths. Thanks.


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