Status of Electric Fleet for delivery

Status of Electric Fleet for delivery

In its draft aggregator policy, the Delhi government proposes imposing a fine of Rs 50,000 per vehicle on taxi, food delivery, and e-commerce businesses that fail to make the switch to an all-electric fleet by April 1, 2030.

The government has posted the draft policy titled “Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme” on the website of the Transport Department, and it is asking for feedback on the plan within the next three weeks.

Additionally, the draft policy provides guidelines for cab aggregators to follow when taking action against reckless drivers.

“The aggregater shall be obligated to take appropriate action against the driver partners who have 15% or more grievances for the rides undertaken by him or her within a one-month period.” It stated, “The Aggregator shall store/collect the data so referred for at least three months from the date of service provided.”

The policy requires the aggregator to take corrective trainings and steps to fix problems for drivers who have a rating of less than 3.5 over the course of a year.

It stated, “The Aggregator should provide the Transport Department, GNCTD, with quarterly reports on driver ratings and grievances received against the drivers. All records pertaining to driver rating and grievance registered shall be available for inspection by the Transport Department/authorized officials of GNCTD.”

Delhi govt’s draft policy mandates all-electric fleet for cabs, food delivery firms by April 2030

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