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  • With us, You are NOT only enrolling in a course or upgrading yourself. Driven by Indian values; you are joining a family, a community of over 50,000 past DIYguru beneficiaries.
  • A family who has relations with MNCs like Robert Bosch, Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki are the list of the few.
  • A family whose alumni network spread in varied domains such as engineering, policymakers, and researchers. We are proud to have them, acquiring spots in leadership roles and nurturing the further fresh brains of our country.


DIYguru Alumni Group

  • Alumni are the pride of our family. Very recently we’ve celebrated three years of our friendly relations with them.
  • We regularly interview our alumni, knowing the insights of the latest trend. And how the to upskill coursework helped them in landing the dream job.     
  • Also, to mention, we’ve received tremendous support from our Alumni. They helped us in expanding the students reach so Facebook. Owing to this we have our 36K followers, regularly keeping in-touch with DIYGuru to stay on track with career updates.

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Early Apply with our Job Updates

  • Making you industry ready NOT just making you skills ready. The motto itself speaks out loud, envisaging, we want you to land in a dream company.
  • We at DIYguru handpicks the jobs news and latest vacancies. Spread the word with our students our dedicated job portal. Giving all the necessary job requisites, job location, duties involved, company details, and links to apply.
  • All this, so that you can get one step closer in finding the dream job.

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Stay Ahead with Industry Trends

  • Knowing the latest tech updates, current market interests have become too crucial you can’t afford to miss. With rising competitions, knowing the latest buzz can get you an extra edge in the interviews.
  • We want our family to have that extra edge. So, we regularly provide news in Baja, Auto-export, MATLAB, and many more latest trends on much niches. To make our enthusiast familiar with current advancements in their domains. Better you grasp, better you remain with trends, faster your career curve will rise.
  • Always remember Trends are your best friends”. We help our members to introduce with them.

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Just Before We SIGN OFF

  • As a community, it is our responsibility to mould the courses in the best shape. Such we can pass the nurture more engineering brains with days to come.
  • In this mission, our family members can ONLY help us. We strongly recommend you to fill the feedback form.
  • The foremost only way you can get a course certificate is when you fill the feedback form. After filling the form, you can mail us on [email protected]
  • We mail back you with a certificate after verifying the details. 
  • The other way round, let us know your word. Let us know where we fall behind or what made our member upset. Your feedback would help us in notifying those aspects for us to strive further. And we promise complete satisfaction. We reach out to you in via mails or any possible manner, addressing the issue till it gets busted.

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