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Homologation of Electric Vehicle (Testing & Infrastructure)


Table of Contents

Electric Vehicle Homologation – International Certifications

European Association (EU)/UN ECE/ECE endorsement necessities for electric vehicle (ev) homologation, Electric Vehicle and Part confirmation experts frameworks and parts comprises of different boundaries like plan, natural impacts, utilitarian security, electrical and general wellbeing. As a result, all electrical vehicle manufacturers are required to inspect, test, and certify compliance with technical standards. The same is true for all automobiles, safety systems, and technical units exported to EU homologation services, an EU-type approval system for L-category vehicles in member states.

For electric vehicle (ev) homologation, Kanifnath Enterprises provides the most cutting-edge technology for inspection, testing, and certification. Because of the broad experience and skill in auto testing and accreditation, we can work with electric car producers and OEM accomplish their target to send out electric car/vehicles to European Association/UN ECE/EU/ECE endorsement guidelines homologation administrations.

In addition to assisting you with European electric vehicle homologation, our specialists will educate you on the unique characteristics of all EU whole vehicle type approval and certification. We provide our services in accordance with UN ECE / EU / ECE homologation services, as well as other international regulations and standards, in addition to type-approval certification services for vehicles and components in accordance with European Union (EU) Electric Vehicle Homologation Services Directives. You can rely on our knowledge of electric vehicle inspection, approval, and certification, as well as all safety requirements, including ECE-R100, electric safety requirements, and EMC testing (ECE-R10).

Electric Vehicle Homologation and EV Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

Homologation refers to the approvals that are necessary for the homologation of electric vehicles in order to guarantee that the vehicles meet the official standards established by relevant regulatory bodies, such as UN ECE, ECE approval, EU, and EC. The standards are intended to evaluate the quality of spare parts and the manufacturing process, maintain vehicle safety, and minimize their impact on the environment. Type approval, also known as EV whole vehicle type approval, refers to the procedure of testing and certification to ensure compliance with technical standards.

Highlights of our service We offer an objective certification that your electric vehicle satisfies the necessary requirements for vehicle type approval.
We offer homologation services for electric vehicles (EVs) as well as a complete vehicle type approval certificate.
Whole scope of administrations for electrical vehicles testing and confirmation all through the whole interaction chain from electrical vehicles certificate to worldwide homologation.
Extensive knowledge of technical inspections accumulated over 44 years EU-type vehicle approval system.

E-mark Homologation, Automotive component emark certification

Our experts can guide you on both e-mark certification and E-mark homologation, automotive component emark certification – European small series type approval process, ensuring that your EV (electric vehicles) complies with the relevant standards and regulations – /EC/UN ECE / ECE approval / EU regulations homologation services.

CE Mark Certification

The CE Mark Certification, E-mark Certification, or e-mark Certification is a label that a vehicle manufacturer or importer uses to indicate that the vehicle complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). It is neither a certification mark nor a quality indicator. It is necessary for products that are produced anywhere in the world and then sold in the EU.

Differences between the e-mark, the E-mark, and the CE mark The e-mark is an EU mark used to identify approved automobiles and automobile components that are sold within the EU. It is a sort endorsement mark given by an ensuring authority.
For approved vehicles and vehicle components that are sold into the EU, the E-mark is a United Nations mark. And in a few other nations in accordance with UN-ECE Regulation 10
The CE mark certification signifies the manufacturer’s assertion that a product satisfies all relevant European directives or regulations.
The CE mark indicates that the manufacturer is accountable for ensuring that a product satisfies all applicable European health, safety, performance, and environmental standards. The French term for European conformity is “Conformité Européenne.”

E-Mobility Testing services for Plugs, cables and wiring (HV)

Electric Vehicles, E-mobility Testing and certification services

At Kanifnath Enterprises we offer testing and certification for electric vehicles and the related charging infrastructure technology. Our e-mobility services – consulting, testing, homologation and certification, Homologation for vehicles components and systems help you comply with regulations. 

E-Mobility Testing services include:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Charging stations (AC, DC, up to 360 kW)
  • Plugs, cables and wiring (HV)
  • Battery cells, modules
  • Battery management systems
  • Electronic control units (ECU)
  • Electric vehicle components, including tires, hoses, and more. 

E-Homologation Services

  • e-Homologation services include – 
  • Homologation support
  • Homologation management
  • Homologation consulting
  • Tests and test reports
  • Homologation – EC/ECE

Consultancy Services for Vehicle Testing We provide consulting services for –

  • Endurance and Driving Dynamics Testing
  • Passive safety systems testing
  • Noise and Exhaust Emissions Testing
  • e Mobility Infrastructure
  • Battery Safety Testing
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Electronics Testing
  • ECE Vehicle Certification
  • Automotive Crash Testing

Development & Benchmarking Testing (including Crash Testing)

  • Automated and connected vehicle testing
  • Electric vehicle components, including tires, hoses, General lighting, headlamps, instrumentation and controls, crashworthiness, environmental compatibility, tyres (materials and whole vehicle) testing

Automotive Crash Testing

Based on precise customer requirements, our testing specialists create the precise testing procedures in our labs and on the road.

Our comprehensive testing and evaluations of the passive safety of all motor vehicles are included in our development and benchmarking testing, which also includes crash testing for system suppliers and manufacturers.

The benefits of Development & Benchmarking Testing (including Crash Testing)

Accurately determine the deformation behavior and safety of vehicles. Measure the potential impact of crashes on a vehicle’s occupants. Comprehensive and detailed crash testing for all vehicle types. All crash tests in accordance with relevant international and national regulations. Homologation for vehicle components and systems.

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